Goodwill = Retro Video Games

I have a fantastic fiancee. One of her many fine qualities is her love for thrift shopping and retro gaming. The two of us hit up about four different Goodwill stores this weekend.  Sure enough, we found a fantastic number of retro gaming items for cheap.  We passed up a number of items too (mostly PS1 systems, sports games, etc.).

Naturally some of these items will go into the collection and the rest will hit my eBay Store.  I’m especially excited to have found Mario Teaches Typing for PC and all of the old-school Blizzard games.  I’m holding onto those.  Plus, the Quest for Glory PC games by Sierra were a fantastic find.  A collector friend of mine was happy to add those to his collection.

The moral of the story here is that Goodwill is still a solid place to hit if you’re a retro gamer.

Here’s the loot list:

3DO Road Rash
CABLES 5x AV Cables
DS Guitar Hero On Tour + Decades Box Set
DS Guitar Hero On Tour + Decades Box Set
GCUBE Metroid Prime
GCUBE Super Smash Bros. Melee
GENESIS Controller
GENESIS Maximum Carnage
MISC Star Wars Figures Lot
MISC Mario Ball
NES Yobo System
NES NES System (no wires)
PC Warcraft: Orcs & Munans
PC Warcraft II Expansion
PC Diablo II
PC StarCraft
PC Phantasmagoria
PC Alice
PC Full Throttle
PC Quest for Glory I
PC Quest for Glory II
PC Quest for Glory III
PC Mario Teaches Typing
PS1 Intelligent Cube
PS1 Diablo
PS1 Mega Man X4
PS1 Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1 & 2)
PS2 Eye Toy Play
PS2 Eye Toy Groove
PS2 RC Revenge
PS2 Tarzan Untamed
PS2 Fatal Frame
SNES Controller
SNES Controller
SNES Controller
SNES SNES System (no wires)
SNES SNES System (no wires)
XBOX GTA San Andreas

Game Hunting: 2 Flea Markets = Dragon’s Lair Deluxe Pack

I had a great time at the local swap meets (flea markets) this weekend and found some great retro gaming loot.  I’d say my favorite find for the weekend was the Dragon’s Lair Deluxe Pack for PC.  This gem not only contains Dragon’s Lair I & II + Space Ace, but it’s a fantastic example of video game box art at it’s best.  I don’t collect computer games, so I’ll probably be listing this one on eBay…but not until after I try to play through it first.

I’m trying something a little new.  Since I track all my purchases, I figured I’d share out the lists below for those of you who are more into text than photos.  enjoy!

Swap Meet #1:

DREAMCAST Airforce Delta
DREAMCAST Coaster Works
MISC 6x Rolls of Packing Tape
MISC Admission to Swap Meet
MISC Business Cards for Printing
N64 Banjo-Kazooie
N64 Lego Racers
N64 Ms. Pac-Man
NES Mendel Palace
PS1 Psone System + 5 Games
PS2 Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance
PS2 Dance Factory Sealed
SNES 2x SNES Power Adapters
SNES 4x SNES Manuals
SNES Generic SNES Controller
SNES SNES Controller
SNES Super Mario Kart Manual
TSHIRT 6x Tshirts
XBOX Fable Disc
XBOX Halo 1 Complete
XBOX Halo 1 Loose
XBOX Halo 2 Complete
XBOX Karaoke Revolution Party
XBOX Unreal II

Swap Meet #2:

GAMEBOY Track Meet
GENESIS Maximum Carnage (w manual)
GENESIS Rocket Knight Adventures
MISC Admission to Swap Meet
PC Dragon’s Lair Deluxe Pack
PS1 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (sealed)
PS1 Dance Dance Revolution Konamix
PS2 Destroy All Humans!
PS2 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (sealed)
PS3 Batman Arkham Asylum
SNES Head-On Soccer

Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: Maxi 15, Suikoden II, Colecovision Homebrew

Here are some rare video games that I’m watching on eBay.  (Just to be clear, I’m not selling any of this stuff myself.)

  • Maxi 15 Game Cartridge (Nintendo NES) 15 GAMES IN 1 A seller in eBay Canada is selling the NTSC version of this game for a pretty reasonable price.  And, could you imagine a better matching sheet to photograph the game on?  Pretty…
  • Lot rare suikoden II 2 valkyrie profile all sealed This is a great lot for PS1 collectors…and a bummer for the guy selling them.
  • Coleco/Adam/Astro Invader/Homebrew/Brand New! Colecovision homebrew…how rad is that!?! (Ended Feb. 9, 2010 at $26.05 USD)
  • Coleco/Adam/Deflektor Kollections/Homebrew/Brand New! (Ended Feb. 9, 2010 at $20.45 USD)
  • Adventure II for Atari 5200 Limited edition#13/250 RARE

Happy eBaying, collecting, and retro gaming!

My Rare Video Game Finds: Atari Super Pong, Fatal Fury Special, Tropical Trouble

I love hunting for retro video games.  I’d say I enjoy it more than playing them…and possibly even more than collecting them.  I’m not sure why, but the joy of finding a needle in the haystack of flea market crap and getting the games for a great price is hugely satisfying to me.  Anyway, here are my finds from the last two weekends of hunting at the local flea market.

A few highlights…

  • Atari Super Pong System:  Sure enough this thing started right up…not bad since it was made in 1976!  I was about to list this on eBay when my girlfriend insisted it stay in the collection…great girlfriend!
  • Internation Superstar Soccer Deluxe (SNES):  Picked up this rare game (well…tarnished gem with some label wear) for my personal collection for $15.
  • “Super 8” Movie Collection:  Ok, I don’t know anything about 8 mm film, but I couldn’t pass these up.  Tarzan in the She-Devil, Zorro’s Suicide Express, Little Rascals Spooky Hooky, etc. Even if none of them worked, the covers alone would make awesome art pieces.
  • Fatal Fury Special (Game Gear):  My buddy had a Game Gear growing up.  I didn’t like it then, and I’m not interested in collecting it now.  However, since most of the games have very little value, I know it’s an easy system for other people to collect.  It turns out that Fatal Fury Special is one of the few games of value for the system, so that made a great find for me to pass along to someone’s collection.  
  • Tropical Trouble & A LOT of Other Intellivision Games:  Tropical Trouble simply has some of the best label art of any video game I’ve ever seen!
  • Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II:  It’s always great to be looking through a folder of loose games and to find a gem.  Sure enough one seller had both of the Baldur’s Gate Playstation 2 games.
  • VMIGO System:  Every now and then curiosity gets the best of me.  When I saw this at the Flea Market, I had no idea what it was other than that it looks like a decently made weird little video game system. For $3, I couldn’t pass up.  It turns out that you use it to raise a virtual pet.  Best part is that the VMIGO portable pet “Game Boy” unit also functions as a pedometer.  It gives kids points for exercising!  lol  Expect to see this in my eBay store starting at a penny bid soon. ha ha

I had fun hunting for vintage gaming stuff.  Sure enough, I found a few rares for a good price.  That puts a few things into my collection and hopefully means that fellow collectors can find something for their own collections once I get it all listed on the GamesOgre eBay Store!  In the meantime, check out the rest of my photos below.  Happy collecting & retro gaming!

My Rare Video Game Finds: 3 New Sealed Games Including Samurai Shodown

While out thrift shopping at a local flea market this past weekend, I was lucky enough to find a number of vintage video games.  Among them were 3 new sealed games!  It was a good day for retro video game hunting…

  • Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi Super Nintendo SEALED
  • 007 World is Not Enough N64 Nintendo 64 Game SEALED NEW
  • Samurai Shodown Warrior’s Rage Playstation Game SEALED — This game is super rare.  Although sealed, it’s a shame that it has a hole drilled in the spine.

Rare Video Game Thrift Finds 20091213 (2)_sm

Rare Video Game Thrift Finds 20091213 (1)_sm

Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: Big Daddy Costume, Kiosks, Mike Tyson Life-Sized Cardboard Cutout

It is wrong that I spend more time collecting video games than playing them?  I think this first auction proves that actually playing video games is just a fraction of the entertainment they provide.

This Costume is Amazing!

Bioshock Big Daddy costume / replica This costume is simply phenomenal!  Yes, the drill arm works!  The costume itself weights 50-60 and is sheer awesomeness.  Someone please buy this and wear it to Comic-Con 2010 so that I can see it in person!  Check out the full build process.  Check out some recent photography.

Unique & Rare Video Game Collectibles

Nintendo NES Mike Tyson Lifesize Punchout Display 1988 Not only is this cutout super awesome, but you better believe it’s going to sell for a ton.  Within 12 hours of the start of the auction, it already broke $100 USD, and I’m sure that price has a lot higher to go!  (Update:  This sold by eBay seller “cardinalscoop“on Dec. 6, 2009 for $445 USD + s/h! That’s one expensive chunk of cardboard!)

Sharp 19” Nintendo (NES) TV Works Great New 72-pin A NES built into a TV!!!

Sharp 19” Nintendo (NES) TV Works Great w 22 games

Retro Gaming Store Display Kiosks

SEGA store KIOSK for Genesis Saturn – nice

Super Nintendo Store Display NESM80C -Kiosk- SNES

*GREEN KIOSK CONTROLLER* Nintendo 64 w/ Rumble RARE!! What’s interesting here is that the rumble pack received power through the controller itself and didn’t require batteries.  Curses upon Nintendo for having that technology and making us waste all those batteries…

Nintendo Gameboy Advance Store Display -Kiosk-

Sony Playstation Pepsi Display -Kiosk- Complete!

Rare Video Games & Multi Carts



Pyramid Sachen Famicom / NES **Very Rare Cart**


Retro Gaming Holiday Sales

Black Friday Sales for Retro Gamers?

Everyone knows about the sales offered on current generation video games, but maybe you’re an old-school gamer and are more interested in retro gaming & collecting.  Here’s a list of the sales I’ve come across for vintage video games like the original 8-bit Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari, etc.: eBay Store

On top of these sales, take an additional 8% off using (Yeah, that means 15% becomes 23%!).  Check out my YouTube walkthrough if you haven’t done this before:

20% off any games & systems in stock with promo code “Holiday09”


50% off storewide sale!  Might as well go to the source for vintage gaming & other retro radness since most of us have a Goodwill in our area.

Check the Goodwill Store Locator to verify the sale for your area.

Other Retro Gaming Deals?

Know of any other retro video game sales?  Please comment or e-mail me.  Happy holidays, collecting, and retro gaming!

Rare Video Game Hunting: SNES Triax Turbo 360 Controller, Game Boy Colorizer, etc

Rare-Video-Game-Hunting-Flea-Market-Finds-20091025 (1)

Here’s the loot I pulled in from video game hunting at a local flea market the weekend of October 24.  The lot of boxed Atari games was a good find.  Plus, it was great to find a couple copies of Star Wars Battlefront II, some N64 GameSharks, and some great NES games (2x Ice Climbers!).

However, what I’m really excited about here is my new Triax Turbo Touch 360 controller for the SNES Super Nintendo!  This thing is simply hilarious.  Rather than a traditional d-pad, it used a pressure sensitive touch system that was supposed to be able to detect movement anywhere.  Naturally for such an early version of this technology, it was a huge failure.  What’s super ironic here is that Apple not only seems to have borrowed this technology for their iPod click-wheel, but they also seem to have cloned Turbo Touch 360 commercials for their I’m-an-Apple…PC-is-a-lame-o commercials.  Check out this video to see what I mean:

By the way, this Turbo Touch 360 is going into my collection.  They’re pretty cheap to pick up on eBay…or here are some Triax Turbo Touch 360 Super Nintendo SNES Controllers on Amazon starting at $9.00 USD.  Nothing like owning a little piece of retro Super Nintendo history. 🙂

Brainboy-Colorizer-Game-BoyAlso of interest is a “Brainboy Colorizer” by Pelican.  Apparently this rad little piece of plastic is supposed to add color to black & white games as well has having the ability to back up the saves of your favorite Game Boy games!  I love finding weird little accessories like this…plus I’m always amazed that after 15 years of sitting in someone’s garage or attic that I can bring them home and get them to work first try.


As always, if you see something you’re interested in from my retro video game treasure hunting, feel free to check out my eBay store as most of it has been listed there.  Happy retro gaming, collecting, and eBaying!