Rare Game Showcase: Xerox Alto Computer, M82, Racermate Carts & More

Would you pay $30,000 for a computer? How about $2,500 for a Nintendo promotional item?  Collectors love eBay, and this past few weeks’ sales demonstrate that well.  Here are some of my favorite active and ended rare video game items on eBay.

Interesting Items on eBay

Rare Huffy Space Invader Muscle Bike Bidding is $40.00 USD with less than a day remaining.  Ummm, how isn’t this the most awesome thing ever?

Nintendo NES Mike Tyson Punchout Standee 1988 Bidding is $51.00 USD with less than a day remaining.  That’s not a bad price since one of these sold in 2009 for $445.00.

Super Mario Bros Sleeping Bag Bidding is only $8.00 with one day remaining.

World of Nintendo Superbrite M36R Promo Sign Bidding is currently $143.39 with one day remaining.

…This is a superbrite series made by Thomas A. Schutz Co. … The sign has World of Nintendo on both sides, except one side lights up and the other side does not. So I figure this was probably made for a store window to light up the outside and be able to also read it from the inside. … The signs measurements are 36 1/2″ long, 16″ tall, and 6″ deep.

Nintendo DS Neon Sign Starting bid is $50.00 USD.

Super Chair Nintendo Controller Accessory Bidding is currently $100.00 with 4 days remaining.

RACERMATE Challenge II Starting bid of $9.99 USD.

NES Super Stars 5 Game Store Display With a buy it now of $499.99, I’m doubting this will sell.  However, it’s an undeniably awesome way to display your 5 favorite NES games in their boxes.

Ended Items on eBay

Project Natal Animals (Kinectimals) Kinect ***RARE*** Sold Nov. 4, 2010 for $212.50 USD.

Racermate Challenge II Sold Nov. 3, 2010 for $211.38 USD.  This lot also included a top loader NES as well as the controller adapter for the Racermate cart.

Nintendo Mario 1988 Media Kit Rare Original MINT Sold Nov. 2, 2010 for $115.39 USD.

1988 Super Mario Bros. Zelda Pillow Case sold Nov. 1, 2010 for only $3.99.

Nintendo M82 Kiosk Sold Oct. 20, 2010 for $2,500.00 USD.

Xerox Alto Vintage Computer System Sold Oct. 17, 2010 for $30,1000.00 USD.  Yeah, that’s typed correctly.  This computer sold for thirty thousand dollars!

You are looking at a system-complete, never commercially sold Xerox Alto. This is grandfather of all modern computing. First produced in 1973, the Alto was WAY ahead of it’s time, including:

1) Full ethernet networking

2) A 3 button Mouse (first in a non-DARPA computer)

3) a Full-page portrait CRT

4) Graphical user interface

5) The first WYSIWYG word processor

6) The first integrated email application

7) The first graphical network based computer game (Alto Trek!)

8) The first WYSIWYG integrated circuit design software

9) The first implementation of the Smalltalk development environment

10) Bitmapped graphics, menu’s, icons, the “folder” metaphor for storage, etc….

11) Removable storage – 2.5 Megabyte (yes, megabyte!)

1980 Pac Man Phone Telephone Sold Oct. 13, 2010 for $29.99 USD.

Nintendo 1988 Media Kit Rare Vintage Original MINT Sold Oct. 12, 2010 for $122.43 USD.

Nintendo Game Boy Training Module Vintage Rare MINT Sold Oct. 12, 2010 for $77.82 USD.

Rare Game Showcase: Sachen, Panesian, Mystique and other Obscure Games Distributors

Obscurity is the essence of collecting.  Sometimes it seems that the worse a game is, the more valuable it is to a collector.  After all, low production numbers mean future rarity.  Naturally, these fetch astounding prices on eBay.  Here are some of my favorites from the past couple weeks.

NES Sachen Full 67 Game Collection Sold Sept. 17, 2010 for $3500.00 USD.

NES collectors are generally indifferent to the existence of Sachen games.  Their substandard gameplay and low distribution in the US means that most of us have never heard of their games.  Yes, Sachen’s games will generally play in a NTSC Nintendo; however, those few of us who have played a Sachen game will probably tell you that these are about as bad as the Action 52.

5 Zelda Games NES Gold Yellow Test Cartridge SNES RARE Sold Sept. 23, 2010 for $305.00 USD.

Vectrex Sean Kelly Multi-Cart 2.0 Rare 60+ games lot Sold Sept. 22, 2010 for $238.00 USD.

TurboGrafx 16 Bonk doll prototype one of a kind Sold Sept. 17, 2010 for $394.99 USD.

This auction is for a one of a kind Bonk Doll prototype. It is hand made by an art director for TZD in the mid 90’s for a potential promotion campaign. It was never developed but stayed in the office of Turbo executives as decoration until I got it as a gift in the final days of TZD.  The left ear is showing some wear but can be fixed otherwise it is in great condition.

Nintendo Mario Mania Hanging Mobile Sign Display Sold Sept. 26, 2010 for $125.50 USD.

This was set up by Nintendo of America employees in department and toy stores as an advertisement. As you can see from the pictures it includes the original box from Nintendo of America in Redmond, Wa.

Nintendo NES Counter Tester Service Center Sold Sept. 26, 2010 for $305.00 USD.

The seller noted that the test unit had some issues:

Everything works. I tried all tests, and found them working. The RCA video/audio out only works when using “External Control Deck Inputs”, and the internal NES only outputs via RF/coax. The unit has some scratches in the black paint, but everything else is in good shape, especially for something 16 years old.

I’m sort of curious to know who would buy an adult video game back in the early 80s.  Then again, when haven’t geeks loved pixelated nudity?  One might say that Mystique was a pitiful video game distributor.  They didn’t sell nearly as many copies of their games in comparison to mainstream distributors.  There games were notoriously horrible to play and only seemed to have success because of the controversy surrounding their content.  Despite the fact that their games may have been garbage, as a video game collector, it’s hard not to take notice of obscure games like these.  Especially when they garner values in the multiple hundreds of dollars.

X-Man Atari 2600 CIB Sold Sept. 28, 2010 for $461.78 USD.

Custer’s Revenge Atari 2600 CIB Sold Sept. 28, 2010 for $76.00 USD.

Bachelor Party Atari 2600 CIB Sold Sept. 28, 2010 for $35.00 USD.

Beat ’em and Eat ’em Atari 2600 CIB Sold Sept. 28, 2010 for $70.00 USD.

Ironically, complete in box copies of some Panesian adult NES games also just appeared on eBay as well.

BUBBLE BATH BABES Nintendo NES – Rare/ADULT Video Game Sold Sept. 17, 2010 for $610.00 USD.

HOT SLOTS Nintendo NES – Rare/Valuable/ADULT Video Game Sold Sept. 17, 2010 for $586.87 USD.

Rare Game Showcase: Lifesized Metroid Samus Statue

It doesn’t get much better than having a full sized statue of your favorite video game character.  (If anyone out there has a life sized ToeJam & Earl, you’d be my personal hero…and I’d probably die in envy.)

First off, I love that the seller levelupvideogames started this auction at a penny.  That means we’ll get to see a fairly realistic value and, hopefully, some fevered bidding.  My only complaint about this auction is its geography.  The seller is located in the Netherlands, and this is a large item and will be expensive to ship.  Perhaps Samus comes with her  teleporter, which will magically deliver her to…hmmm.

Here’s a great description of the item dirrectly from the seller:

This is probably a “once in a lifetime” auction. There were only a handfull of these statues ever made, and exclusively made for Nintendo Europe to promote the first Metroid Prime Nintendo Gamecube game. Since we’re reorganising our shop and need the space she has to go.

Made by Studio Oxmox Australia for Nintendo Europe.  Very tough fiberglass material with iron connectors for arms, head and legs. When taken apart you have the following pieces: Head/Helmet, Arms left and right, Legs left and right and the torso. (Easier to ship when taken apart.) Putting her back together will take no more than 5 minutes and is not hard to do. The iron connectors are really firm and everything pieces together brilliantly. Looks very, very good. Real 1:1 scaled. They can’t get any better than this. After all these years she has been with us she’s still in very good condition, just some minor surface scuffs that were there when we bought her. The only things really noteworthy is a very small piece is gone (about 1cm) right above her knee (see photo). There’s a small hole on top of the left arm and some small damage in her neck. Most can be fixed easily by someone handy.
Please note that I do not have a stand!

Measures a massive size of 190 cm and weighs about 50kg fully assembled.

This is truly a nearly impossible to find item you’re bidding on, and deserves a true Nintendo/Metroid Collector.
Take this chance to own a masterpiece and a TRUE collectors item!

Comic-Con Friday: More Costumes, Games, and the AVGN?

Friday was another great day at Comic-Con!  Highlights included fantastic costumes (It was Star Wars day.), phenomenal movie displays, and some hands-on time with some great games.

Oh to be a young Boba Fett…

And more costume randomness!  Did I mention that Scarecrow loves Thor?!

Who isn’t excited about Tron Legacy?!

Additionally, I was able to tour the floor with my buddies Tommy and Pat the NES Punk and to meet and booth hop with the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) as well. Turns out that he’s a nice guy named James who loves video games…

I’ll keep this simple and will let the rest of these photos speak for themselves.

Rare Game Showcase: Mario Phones, Vectrex Kiosk, Virtual Boy Sign

Need a Mario Phone?  How about a Vectrex kiosk or a Virtual Boy sign?

You’ve got to love eBay and the fantastic and unique gaming items listed this week.  Here’s a collection of my favorites:


FACTORY SEALED nes Chubby Cherub CIB new +box nintendo

neo geo aes metal slug 5 usa excellent ultra rare!!


Pikmin 2 Nintendo Gamecube Countertop Display RARE

E.T. Atari Game Video Store Display Mobile 1982 Sealed

RARE Age of Empires III Game Promo Ship Store Display

Mario Nintendo Custom Bomb Omb Art Sculpture Galaxy The beauty of paper mâché…

Nintendo Game Boy Color Store Display Kiosk

Rare XBOX 360 Large Neon Sign

RARE Nintendo Neon Sign


AMAZING SEGA GAME DISPLAY STAND PROTOTYPE – VERY RARE I have a semi-respectable Vectrex collection and would love to have the space and cash for this gem.



Rare Nintendo Gamecube 35mm film trailer Metroid/Mario

Nintendo Game Cube Stand Up Store Display Game System

Sega Saturn Nights into Dreams Poster Promo Rare 120 120-Games.com is selling this and other items for the 100% benefit of the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

Mario Kart Telephone This may not be the rarest item, but it makes up for it in sheer awesomeness.  Apparently in Mario’s car phone was  just as absurdly large…just like in the early days of cell phones in real-people land…

Mario Telephone Voice Activated!!

Rare Games Spotted: Super Famicom Hotel System, N64 Fiber Optic Sign, etc

Hide your wallets and feast your eyes!  Here’s a list of fantastic rare video game items on eBay right now.


NES – Devil World (Good Condition) PAL Version.  This isn’t the rarest game out there.  It’s just fun to see, since it wasn’t released in the US.


Magical Chase Turbo Grafx 16 North American Version!

Dynastic Hero CD Game Turbo Grafx Turbo Duo US version


SUPER FAMICOM BOX Nintendo Hotel System +5 games Apparently growing up in Japan meant getting sweet little gems like this system in your hotel room.  I’m jealous…  Anyone know how common these were?

Nintendo NES Console “DELUXE SET” Complete Rob Robot


Nintendo NES**BRAND NEW**FREEDOM STICK**Nes controller If I had more space, I’d never post this one and would be bidding on it instead.  I’ll admit, I have a weakness for vintage wireless accessories.


Nintendo 64 N64 Custom PINK / WHITE controller ! Look ! Yeah, you know you’re a hardcore collector when you buy a custom pink N64 controller.

Sega Channel Adapter for Sega Genesis Peripheral RARE



VINTAGE SUPER MARIO BOX 16 FIGURES LOT yoshi,luigi,toad I don’t know what’s better, the box or the lot of figures!

1991 Nintendo General Mills Mario Magic Motion Rulers


1998 super mario 64 cardboard cutout

original 2004 halo 2 cardboard cutout

VINTAGE Nintendo embroidery pattern, Skateboard Mario +

VINTAGE Nintendo embroidery pattern,Party Mario Bowling

VINTAGE Nintendo iron-on: Mario Madness, Peach + Toad

World of Nintendo Large Retail Sign Nice!!

Ken Griffey Jr.’s Winning Run Autographed Baseball SNES

Back in 1994 or so, Nintendo released a Ken Griffey Jr branded Baseball Game for the SNES. As part of the promotion, they had a contest, with one of the top prizes being official signed Ken Griffey Jr Baseballs.

I was lucky enough to win this contest as a kid. Now I’m ready to part with this baseball and hope it finds a happy home.

  • The ball is in MINT condition. (Any scuffs you may see are from the poor photos/ Baseball cube.
  • The ball is Nintendo branded, with green and white colors.
  • So far as I can tell, there is no other branding on the ball (ie, I don’t think it’s a Rawlings ball)

Playstation 2 PS 2 Blue Neon Sign Ex Cond Works 42″

Nintendo Zelda Action Figure Wind Up Rare Original MINT

Mario and Luigi Collectable Dolls

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Kraft Cheez Whiz Jar 1989 Snubbing your nose at a 20 year-old empty Cheez Whiz Jar?  The last one of these that I saw on eBay ended April 18, 2010 at $124.99 USD.

N64 Fiber Optic Sign So pretty…

Rare Games Spotted: Signed Halo Controller, Nintendo Sign, Zelda 35mm Trailer

As always, there are presently a number of fantastic video game items on eBay.  Here are a number of them from my watch list.

Collectibles and Other Unique Items

World Of Nintendo Poster – 1992 Kellogg’s Super Mario

XBOX 360 Halo ODST Controller SIGNED by Bungie Studios

Check out the rest of the fantastic collectible items being sold by goodgamemedia as a fundraiser.

XBOX 360 Halo 3 McFarlane Controller SIGNED by Bungie

Gears of War Lancer SIGNED by EPIC Games


Nintendo Worlds of Power Metal Gear, Ninja Gaiden , etc

Nintendo Mario LCD Watch MINT Rare Vintage Original

Nintendo Mario Yoshi LCD Watch MINT Rare Vintage

Nintendo Killer Instinct Leather Jacket w/belt complete The belt attached to this jacket is a sure sign that the wearer means business.

World Of Nintendo Florescent Sign

Rare Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 35mm film trailer Check out the trailer below.

Halo ODST 1 of a Kind Helmet by Sean Bradley @ 405th

Vintage 1989 Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Plastic Mug


Original Xbox Store Kiosk! Playable display w/ extras!

nintendo nes test station

Rare & Interesting Games

NES Nintendo FACTORY SEALED RPG Lot AD&D All 4 Games

SEGA GAME GEAR – 30 IN 1 – GAME ULTRA RARE!!!! Oh the beloved multi-carts!

Nintendo Slalom FACTORY SEALED BRAND NEW NES Black Box Forget about Stadium Events!  Sealed game collectors are simply nuts.  This sealed copy of Slalom is at $404.00 USD with over 4 days to go!

Neo-Geo AES Blazing Star ** NON CONVERSION ** complete Presently at $740.00 USD with over 4 days left!