Spotted on eBay: Signed WoW Collector’s Edition, Genesis Kiosk, Mario Pillow

Here are a few pretties from my eBay watch list that I figure my fellow video game collectors will enjoy:


Radiant Silvergun (Saturn) SS RARE NO RESERVE!!! Currently at $160.00 USD and climbing. (Ended April 24, 2010 at $165.00 USD)

RARE NES Game Action Replay GAR save Nintendo games!! I simply love my GAR.  I picked it up in a lot of 8-bit Nintendo stuff about a year ago.  Beat a level, save, beat a boss, save…  It’s a pretty simple idea for us now, but doing this is the 80s was unheard of.  Little did any of us know that this sweet gem would have allowed us to finally beat impossible (and beloved) games like Battletoads or Double Dragon III…or give us extra opportunities to make insane jumps in Ninja Gaiden. (Ended April 22, 2010 at $97.00 USD)

ATARI LYNX P.I.T.S FAHRSCHULE/ NEU * NEW /NO ATARI 2600 (Ended April 24, 2010 at 375.00 EUR; about $481.50 USD)

MagiCard Ultra Rare Blue Label Atari 2600 Cartridge R10 If you thought Air Raid was the only rare Atari 2600 cartridge to keep an eye out for, think again.   Here’s one more to watch for. (Ended April 24, 2010 at $6766.67 USD)

*SIGNED* World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition The seller states that this was signed by the development team.  It’ll be interesting to see what this goes for. (Ended April 27, 2010 at $530.00 USD)

Mario Party 3 Demo for Nintendo 64 N64 System

Rare Atari Jaguar Battlesphere Game Currently at $367.00 USD with 5.5 days to go on auction. (Ended on April 28, 2010 at $385.00 USD)


Vintage Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo NES glass mug HUGE

UNUSED Q-BERT & FRIENDS COLORING BOOK 1983 (Ended April 23, 2010 at $9.99 USD)

Super Mario Pillow Vintage Nintendo 1989 Collectible Is it wrong to want this? (Ended April 24, 2010 at $92.00 USD)

NINTENDO 64 OCARINA IN TIME STORE DISPLAY (Ended April 29, 2010 at $29.00 USD)

Sega Genesis Store Kiosk with rare DS-16 changer This is one great looking store kiosk.  And for me, the best part is seeing how the DS-16 was incorporated.

Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: Sealed Stadium Events, M8, M82, Atari Demo Unit, and a $200 Ruler

Here are some rare video games, systems, promo items, and collectibles that I’m watching on eBay.  I love the fact that eBay is essentially a live museum of video gaming rarity.  Happy retro gaming and good luck collecting!

$$$$ — For the Video Game Collector with an Unlimited Budget

FACTORY SEALED NEW NES NINTENDO STADIUM EVENTS NTSC If you’re not aware of this auction (currently at $41,300.00 USD with 3 hours to go), then you’re missing out on the world’s most expensive video game auction to date.

Stadium Events Nes game What will be equally interesting will be to see if history repeats itself with this auction for another copy of a sealed Stadium Events.  It’s currently at $7,300.00 USD with 3 days to go…but seems a bit sketchy.

$$$ — For the Collector Whose Grandma Just Died (Or Who Has a Job and a Budget)

**** Atari 2600 Game *** Coke Wins – Pepsi Invaders *** Apparently Coca-Cola used this custom 2600 promo cartridge to allow users to dominate the minions of Pepsi.  I think that’s simply awesome. (Ended March 6, 2010 at $2125.00 USD)

Nintendo NES M8 Kiosk Store Display Unit This original Nintendo display unit predates the M82.  The seller is certainly asking a pretty penny for it, but at least he has the best offer feature going.

Nintendo M82 Game Selectable Working Product Display This crazy dude is asking a freakish amount of $35,000.00 USD or best offer for this thing.  Clearly he’s out of his mind.  They run about $1,000 USD for the unit.  However, it is rare to find in the box. (Ended March 28, 2010 at $9000.00 USD)

Rare Nintendo Store Display Machine M82 These display units are fantastic.  They’re certainly on my wish list.

Rare 1982 Atari VCS Store Demo 45 Games plus slot WORKS Starting the bid at $99.00 USD, this seems like a fair opportunity for Atari collectors to pick one of these up. (Ended March 8, 2010 at $338.33 USD)

Nintendo Mario Soda Store Display Promo Signs NES Expensive, but a great Nintendo promo item none the less.

Nintendo GameCube Donkey Kong Kiosk Display Setup

EarthBound Promotional Ruler Super Nintendo SNES Promo! There’s nothing like spending hundreds of dollars on a ruler…yes, a simple wood ruler. (Update: Sold for $776.47 USD on Feb. 28, 2010)

Starfox Super Weekend Super Nintendo SNES RARE (Ended March 3, 2010 at $304.69 USD)

Rare New Game Boy Micro Console Pokemon Limited Edition (Ended March 3, 2010 at $235.50 USD)

Yellow Zelda test cart – NES – very rare – NM condition (Ended at $550.00 USD)

N64 Nintendo Fiber Optic Sign kiosk store display unit (Ended Feb 25, 2010 at $295.00 USD)

$$ — For the Game Collector with Some B-day Money from Grandma


Sega Genesis Controller Modified for use with Vectrex As I’ve recently become a Vectrex collector, I’m impressed to find unique Vectrex items on eBay.  Perhaps most impressive about this auction is the manual that this guy created to go with his item. (Ended Feb 27, 2010 at $39.99 USD)

Nintendo Legend of Zelda Link PVC Figure 1989 Applause (Ended Feb 27, 2010 at $14.77 USD)

Bioshock Big Daddy limited edition figure from the xbox (Ended Feb 28, 2010 at $31.00 USD)

Nintendo World Championships 1990 Certificate With all the Stadium Events fever, it’s starting to feel like the NWC Cart is so last week.  Anyone have an idea of how this affects the sales of other rare video games? (Ended Feb 28, 2010 at $34.00 USD)

Nintendo Mario vs Donkey Kong Mini Countertop Display

$ — For the Poor Video Game Collector Mooching Off His Grandma to Support a WoW Addiction

Wendy’s Nintendo Wii Toys Mario Spinner 2007

IGN’s Rare Video Game Auctions for Haiti Relief Effort has gathered a bunch of collectible video game donations that they’re auctioning off on eBay for the Haiti relief effort.  Below are some of the ones that I thought were coolest.  I’m not really a gamer who is into shooters, but I have to say that gun replicas are awesome!  It’s also awesome to see a few retro Nintendo items in the mix.  Check out these and more at or

Signed Forza 3 Xbox 360 with 120GB hard drive
Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunters Edition Sold for $1,125.00 USD.
Life-Sized Replica Gears of War Lancer (Signed) Sold for $455.00 USD.

Green Snake PS3 with slight damage (60GB Model CECH01)
Life-Size Replica Bayonetta Gun Sold for $2,500.00 USD.

Replica of Helghast rifle from Killzone 2 Sold for $301.91

Used but still great NES Deluxe System (Contains R.O.B.)
God of War Poster (autographed by the team) Sold for $132.50 USD.
LittleBigPlanet Sackboy hands from video shoot Sold for $363.00 USD.
Ms. Pac-Man sealed SNES game

…and not for sale by IGN but super cool and collectible none the less:

Nintendo 5 Ft. Donkey Kong Country Store Display Statue Listed for $2,000.00 USD.

Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: Atari Cosmos System, Atari 2600 Demo Kiosk, Promo Signs, etc.

It’s been a while since I put together a list of the unique & rare video game items that I’ve been watching on eBay.  Definitely check out the Atari Cosmos & FF Music Box.  Also, feel free to let me know if you see an item that should be featured here:

Active eBay Listings

2 Dragon’s Lair promotional Flip Books, Flipbooks 1983

Rare NOKIA NGAGE QD PROTOTYPE like gameboy n gage

Nintendo Famicon UFO Super Disc Drive Pro Adapter

Star Fox: Super Weekend – RARE Super Nintendo/SNES GAME


playstation 3 kiosk. perfect condition.

original vintage blacklite Nintendo GameBoy store sign Pretty unique.  I hadn’t seen one of these before.

Super Nintendo store display – System w/DKC as pack in

Nintendo Virtual Boy Tennis Game w/ DISPLAY ONLY! Box

ATARI 2600 IN-STORE DEMO CONSOLE KIOSK iMAGIC PREVIEWER Rare and awesome 24 slot demo unit.  I think it’ll sell for a pretty penny.  Any predictions as to how high it’ll go for?

Rare Vintage* SEGA Sonic 3D Electronic Advertising SIGN Cool & unique 3-D sign.

SEGA store KIOSK for Genesis Saturn – nice

Nintendo Halloween Trading Card packs Mario NES Sealed

RARE PAL Nintendo NES COSMOS COP Gluk Video Caltron

Exertainment Life Fitness Add-on Super Nintendo Snes

Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles review paperwork

Limited Edition Biohazard Sega Dreamcast System NEW


Ended eBay Listings:

Sega Dreamcast US Broadband Adapter HIT-400 It always amazes me to see these network adapters selling for as much as they do.  As a Dreamcast collector myself, this is something I’m always looking for.

Donkey Kong Country COMPETITION CARTRIDGE, COMPLETE! Sold by finch_rocker_ak on January 17, 2010 for $879.99.00 USD.

Sega Sonic Sega – light display – video game store sign

Nintendo Power 1-79 +Player’s guides +NP Display rack

Final Fantasy VII 7 Aeris Theme Music Box Aerith RARE Sold by wreckcharts on January 11, 2010 for $2425.00 USD.  This is simply one of the most beautiful promo items I’ve ever seen.  Take a moment to listen to the YouTube video to see what I mean.

OFFICIAL Nintendo Racetrack Fiberoptic Sign BRAND NEW!! Sold by maldini11 on January 10, 2010 for $660.50 USD.  I have to say, that these are some of the most amazing licensed promo signs I’ve ever seen.  My buddy just got on for the Game Boy, which I’ll put together a post about when I get a chance.

Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: StarFox Display & Jacket, Double Dragon Backpack, Dreamcast Broadband

Retro Gaming Collectibles & Promo Items:


Huge Nintendo Starfox Store Display – Very Rare eBay seller “asmadi_will_go_on” explains the origins of the statue as follows:  “This is a huge advertising display that really wasn’t intended for stores but was intended to be displayed in Nintendo corporate offices. Not sure what it is made of – hard plastic, fiberglass, resin? It is rigid and hollow inside. I believe it was produced in 2000 and has no labels or any identifying information on it. I bought it about 9 years ago from someone who used to work at Nintendo. I was told that only 10-20 of these were produced. It is 46” tall, 27” wide elbow to elbow, and 21” deep from tip of his nose to tip of his tail. It weighs approximately 21 lbs. and is attached to a heavy metal base.”

Nintendo Prototype Trophy Figures Zelda Mock Up Rare

Metal Gear Solid banner (2′ x 3′ ) Not sure that this is a licensed product, but it certainly stands out.

Super Star Fox Weekend competition prize flight jacket!

DOUBLE DRAGON VINTAGE BACKPACK BOOK BAG NINTENDO NES For $25.99 USD + s/h (plus 8% off with …gotta love that.) this might be a tempting collectible for someone.  Probably best that I didn’t have this as a kid, because I’m pretty sure that I would have been thumping on my buddies on the playground.

Rare Video Games & Accessories:

AIR RAID VIDEO GAME CARTRIDGE MenAvision FOR ATARI 2600 With 1.5 days to go on this auction, it’s already up to $2125.00 USD.  Obviously super rare so this will be an exciting one to watch!

NES Nintendo UNUSED AGCI Game Cartridge and Board eBay seller “lsutter“, who also has a bunch of other cool retro gaming stuff listed, explains that this is an “UNUSED game cartridge and board from American Game Cartridges Inc, a company that sold unlicensed NES games during the NES era! Responsible for such games as Deathrace and Chiller”

KILLZONE Collectors Promotional Kit for PS2 Maybe not the rarest thing on earth, but this is an awesome looking collector’s edition for an equally great game.

Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Japan DC HIT-0401 These are super rare.  Even as a Dreamcast collector, I’m not sure what I’d do with it…connect to a fan server for some Phantasy Star Online?


I’ve got a couple articles I’m working on, so please check back within the week.  As always, I hope you’ll check out the rare retro video games in my eBay store.  However, as I’m currently away on vacation, I’ve “hidden” most of my listings.  There are still a few auctions up that you may be interested in especially if you’re a Commodore 64 collector.  Plus, when my listings all go live again (probably on Monday),  there will be about 100 new items up.   Happy eBaying, vintage game hunting & collecting!

Rare Video Game Collectibles on eBay: RetroUSB’s Xmas Cart, Atari Air Raid, Nintendo Neon Sign, NES Comic Books

Here’s a bunch of cool and rare retro video game stuff that I’m watching on eBay and other various places throughout the internet.  Is it time to start early Christmas shopping for your favorite vintage gamer?  Or will you grab something cheap (and of course very needed) for yourself?  🙂

Some very cool games I’m watching: releases the new 8-bit Xmas 2009 Cartridge!  This is simply awesome.  And for an extra $5 they’ll add a personalized message for you.  Can’t beat that!

AIR RAID VIDEO GAME CARTRIDGE MenAvision FOR ATARI 2600 Super, super rare.

3 rare nes games 31 in 1, 260 in 1, 80 in 1 Is it wrong that I love multi-carts?!

CALTRON 6 IN 1 IN BOX 60 PIN NES NEW !!!! VERY RARE !! (Looks like a Famicom version.)

Sealed Bubble Bath Babes Panesian Nintendo Nes Overpriced but seems to be in great condition…and it’s not really sealed…someone just ran it through a shrink wrapping machine.

Super UFO super drive PRO 8 used Nintendo Famicom

Lethal Enforcers II 2 Sample/Demo Sega Mega Drive PAL

Red Zone Sample/Demo Sega Mega Drive PAL

Video Game Collectibles:

Service Center Mario Countertop Display Sign Nintendo

3D NiNtEnDo SIGN game room classic rare 3-D This is a reproduction sign, but looks great and would be a tempting addition to a game room.

Atari Jaguar Large 2′ x 4′ Banner!

Neon Nintendo Sign Man, this looks like a great find.  I hear shipping Neon is tricky as it’s super fragile, so be careful if you win it.

Legend of Zelda Comic Book-Number 3-Valiant-Nintendo eBay seller schitzandgiggles107 has a number of other Nintendo comic books up as well.

Rare Video Game Collectibles on eBay: Intellivision, Atari, and Sega Prototypes, Nintendo Signs, and Other Retro Stuff

Here’s a bunch of collectible video game stuff that I’m currently watching on eBay.   People have a ton of great stuff listed right now…maybe because the holiday season is coming up or maybe people are just hard up.  Either way, it looks like you can find rare video games surfacing for about any vintage system right now.  Happy eBaying and collecting!

Video Game Collectibles:

1982 ticket DISNEYs TRON Video Game Tournament +paper

1989 Super Mario Bros 2 Nintendo of America Glass NR

Nintendo Power Lunch Box Super Mario & Zelda From 1989!

Vintage NINTENDO NES Store Display Lighted Sign

Vintage 1982 Tomy Pac-Man Water Game & Box Arcade Video

NINTENDO Nes BUTTON PIN Second Amendment -Custom Design

AVGN KO Boxing Video Game Cover

Dragon’s Lair Dirk Animation Cel Don Bluth video game



Rare Retro Games, Prototypes, Demo Carts, etc.:

RED DEMONSTRATION Cartridge – Intellivision, VERY RARE!

4-TRIS Intellivision: Philly Classic Version! Complete Limited edition Intellivision homebrew game cart, which is obviously Tetris for the Intellivision!




Atari 2600 Promotional Use Only System ” LOOKS NEW ”

Mondu’s Fight Palace Sega Genesis RARE RELEASE PROTO

Tecmo Super Bowl Sega Genesis PROTOTYPE game proto RARE


Nintendo NES Flintstones Surprise At Dinosaur Peak CIB

Super Off Road Sega Genesis Game SAMPLE COPY rare proto

Warsong Sega Genesis Game PROTO RARE war song sample

Collect sealed Sega Dreamcast games?  eBay seller jfrost0809 has a bunch!  Nothing too rare, but a great chance to fill out a collection in one shot.

Reproduction Carts:

These can be purchased from various websites for about $25 each, but are cool to find here on eBay.
4 nes games lot earth worm Jim 2 3 bubble bath babes…

Xybots for nes Tengen mint very very rare

1990 Nintendo World Championships Repro Cartridge # 253 (You can find these on

Recently Ended:

Nintendo World Championship VIP Guest Sticker 1990 (Sold by kofcrayon on eBay for $17.37 USD on Oct. 10, 2009)