Let’s Build Our Own Mini NES Classic Edition

Say what you will about the new Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition, but Nintendo got one thing right.  Retro gaming is needs to be in more hands.  Tons of kids never played 8-bit NES games, and the rest of us just love reliving our childhoods.

Since Nintendo’s newly released NES Classic Edition is going for crazy money on eBay right now, I figure it’s time to 3D print up a mini-NES and to slap a Raspberry Pi running Retro Pie in that bad little baby.

  • HDMI – check
  • 4 Player – check
  • Super Tiny – check, check, let’s print!

Fortunately, people on Thingiverse are way ahead of the curve on this DIY project.  Less than two weeks into owning my Robo 3D R1, this project is on like Donkey Kong!

You’re seeing a time lapse of one of my 3D printing a case for my RetroPie setup. The print came out surprisingly nicely. I’m blow away by how snugly the babyNES’s door attached. The only trick was finding the right size size of screws (see link below). Even then I did some light drilling to get the screws to advance smoothly.

Here are all the links you’ll need to do the same project.

Printing: BabyNES Raspberry Pi B+ case
Designed by: jrebeiro
Downloaded from: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:449877
Printer: Robo 3D R1 http://amzn.to/2eZ2JoK
Filament 1: Silver/Grey http://amzn.to/2gfxuef
Filament 2: Glow in the Dark Blue http://amzn.to/2gfGkZN
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B: http://amzn.to/2fUHWDI
Screws: 3/4″ Length, #3-48 http://amzn.to/2gfzL9o

New to RetroPie?

Here’s a great guide for people new to RetroPie.
Plus, an awesome RetroPie Facebook group for sharing tips.

Happy retro gaming!

Introducing the 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Screwdrive​​r Bit

After months of design, engineering and production, we’re happy to announce our new 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Screwdrive​​r Bit!

Get your 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Bit on Amazon or eBay

We’re demonstrating all the different types of cartridges a 3.8mm VGM Gold Security bit can open. This is perfect for opening your retro gaming collection for cleaning, battery replacement, and repairs.


  • Original NES Nintendo game cartridges
  • Super Nintendo game cartridges
  • Nintendo 64 game cartridges
  • Original Game Boy game cartridges
  • Game Boy Color game cartridges
  • Virtual Boy game cartridges
  • Sega Game Gear game cartridges


  • Durable strong hardened steel
  • Heat treated for maximum strength
  • Length is about 7.6 cm (~3 inches)
  • Gold colored for identification and corrosion resistance
  • Precision engineered teeth fit tightly
  • Pattern: 3.8mm Female 6 Node (6-Pointed Star)
  • Fit any 1/4″ hex hand tool receiver
  • Made in the USA

We’ve worked hard to offer the highest quality screwdriver security bits on the market. We’d rather offer a top quality item once rather than ask people to continuously replace low quality imitations.  We feel we’ve done just that and our proud that these are made 100% in the United States.  This gives us highest quality control, top quality, and supports American jobs.

Get your 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Bit on Amazon or eBay

Protecting Your Boxed NES SNES & N64 Games: Clear Plastic Box Protectors

With the Video Game Museum collection steadily growing, we’ve been working on our methods for preserving our collection.  Just like collecting comic books and baseball cards, a good collection has to be handled with care and properly protected.

NES Box Protectors on Amazon & NES Box Protectors on eBay

Our goal at VideoGameMuseum.com is to provide the best repair tools and preservation materials possible to retro gamers.  With that in mind, we’ve custom designed custom NES, SNES & N64 box protectors to beautifully fit and protect original game boxes. They fit in smoothly and snugly with just enough extra empty space for the best protection. (Certain NES games from independent manufacturers like Color Dreams run larger and won’t fit.) These cases are perfect for protecting your favorite boxed and sealed original Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 games.  Cool thing is that SNES & N64 game boxes are the same size, so that model will work for both boxes.  See photos for a closer look.


  • Archival Grade PET Plastic
  • Strong 12 Gauge Thickness
  • Locking Tab Design
  • Crystal Clear Clarity
  • Scratch-Resistant Coating
  • Acid Free Plastic
  • BPA, Lead & Phthalate free

VIDEO GAME MUSEUM ARCHIVAL QUALITY: Each of our boxes is Video Game Museum branded so that you know you’re getting the highest quality product possible. These are manufactured in Canada using materials created in the USA. (Most other sellers cut corners by buying from Chinese suppliers and cannot guarantee our level of production or material quality. That’s not a risk we want to take with our collection, so we want to offer only the best to our customers’ collections.)

NES Box Protectors on Amazon & NES Box Protectors on eBay

SNES & N64 Box Protectors on Amazon & SNES & N64 Box Protectors on eBay



Gaming at the 2013 San Diego Fair

San Diego Fair Sign Custom (1)Game On Gaming Area (13)Star Trek Captain Kirk's Chair Tribble

If you live in the San Diego area and love gaming, today is the last day to Game On at the San Diego Fair!  Besides all the rides, great food, pig races, and other goofy fair stuff, this year’s theme was perfect for us electronically minded folks.

Our favorite part?

Collections!  Little did we know that the Fair allows people to display their collections.

Hand-made Items!  Created by adults and students, we were blown away by the talent and creativity of these gaming-inspired creations.

Retro Arcade!  Let’s be honest, shouldn’t every fair have a retro arcade?


Replacing N64 Expansion Covers

wheelbarrow-gnome-400pxWe all know about the gnome who steals socks out of our laundry.  But have you heard about his pixel-hungry buddy who steals battery covers off of Game Boys?  How about his neighbor who snatches expansion covers off of old N64 systems?


Time to fight back!

We’ll be carrying several colors of replacement expansion covers for the Nintendo 64.  Yup, we’ll be keeping the retro gaming world dust free by carrying the original Gray, Jungle Green, Pikachu Blue, and Atomic Purple versions of these little missing lids.  If these do well, we’ll be happy to get more colors produced in time.


Ok, so here’s the funny part.  Nintendo made an Atomic Purple N64 set, right?  What color was it?  Wait….think about it…hmmm.

Hmmm…so it really wasn’t a purple system.  But it did come with a sweet Atomic Purple controller that kicked off the numerous “funtastic” variants that Nintendo released in controllers and systems.

Atomic Purple expansion covers, really?  Yup.  Why? Because yellow would have been silly.  Seriously though, we figure these will give people a great opportunity to continue the custom mix-and-match process of customizing their N64.  We all did it with controllers as a kid.  Why not the system?  Would the system in the box below look better with an Atomic Purple expansion lid?  Would that same lid also look sweet on a colored system?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, you understand.  If not, gray is definitely available too. Modders, here’s one more color to toy around with.







People were asking how closely the colors match the originals, so we figured we’d give you a better look.

Happy retro gaming!


Fixing Cheetahmen II: Kickstarter vs Dr. Morbis!

Oh Cheetahmen II…are you finally getting fixed?!

For decades, the Cheetahmen have been locked in a bitter and futile struggle against Dr. Morbis.  In Cheetahmen II, every two levels a different Cheetahmen becomes available.  Theoretically, a player starts with Apollo (crossbow) for the first two levels, gets to play as Aries (fists) for the third and fourth levels, and uses Hercules (dual clubs) for the fifth and sixth levels.  Unfortunately, the Cheetahmen’s feline courage and ninja skills have not been enough to pass the mutant Ape Man boss at the end of the fourth level.  A software bug has thwarted years of insanely skilled and strangely dedicated players from ever getting to level five.  Ironically, it turns out that beating Cheetahmen II is even more rare than this holy grail of NES cartridges.

Broken Ape Man boss fight in Cheetahmen II

Will we finally be able to help the Cheetahmen defeat Dr Morbis?

Last week, I had the opportunity to chat on the phone with Greg Pabich find to find out about his newest project.  Since I was polite enough not to record the conversation, here’s a paraphrased version of our discussion:

Mark:  Hey Greg, how’s it going?

Greg:  Mark, I’ve been pretty busy!  I’m excited about our next Cheetahmen project!

Mark:  Ha ha!  Oh dear!?!  What’ve you been up to?

Greg:  Well, you know how that pallet of Cheetahmen II cartridges never made it to market?

Mark:  Yeah, collectors love them, but what a frustrating game.

Greg:  When Active Enterprises was about to go under, I’m guessing Vince Perri abandoned them either because money wasn’t coming in on the Action 52 like he figured or because he realized it was an incomplete game.

Mark:  Yeah, you can only even play the first four levels, right?

Greg:  Exactly!  So here’s what I’m up to.  I think the world needs to have that game up and working.  Love it or hate it, it just needs to get finished and put on a cartridge.

Mark:  Now that would be interesting.

Greg:  The original Cheetahmen II game carts are selling for thousands of dollars now.  Most collectors can’t even begin to afford them.  I want to put together a playable cartridge that will have all the levels working.  Apparently, it was originally designed with more levels, but it was just too buggy to let anyone play them.  Once we have a working game with all its original levels working, I’d love to put them into NES collectors’ hands.

Mark:  What’s the game plan going to be for doing that?

Greg:  I put a small fortune into producing and distributing the Cheetahmen Creation cartridge last year.  Between development, production, marketing, and selling a repaired version of Cheetahmen 2, I know it’s going to cost some serious cash.  I’m thinking Kickstarter will be a great tool to launch this project.

Mark:  That’s probably wise.  Plus, from one married man to another, I have a feeling your wife might like the Kickstarter plan a bit better than trying to fund it all yourself.  So, I know people love, hate, and pretty much love to hate Action 52 and Cheetahmen 2.  What’s going to get people to back this project?

Greg:  Kickstarter has a great model of letting people support a project and get something unique as a thank you for their support.  We have some pretty reasonable donation levels, and based on how much people donate, we’ll have things available ranging from exclusive posters to actual cartridges of the game once we get it produced.  I’ve got Mario Gonzalez, one of the original designers of Action 52/Cheetahmen involved, and he’s created some fantastic new artwork for the posters and will be signing certain items!  Plus, most items will be numbered and hologram stickered as limited editions available only to contributors.

Mark:  Actually, that a pretty good plan.  I’m a pretty big NES collector, and this might be a much more reasonable way for me to get a copy of Cheetahmen II into my collection even if it isn’t the original.  I’m guessing you could get some good buzz in collecting circles around this.

Greg:  Actually, we’re going to go bigger than that.  By sheer coincidence, the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) just did a video on Cheetahmen II!

After seeing it, I contacted him to see if he’d be interested in getting involved in this.  The AVGN signed on, which is going to be a ton of fun and nuts as usual!  I got Pat the NES Punk involved as well.  We were sponsors in his last NES Marathon, which turned out to be a huge success.  Plus, the Game Chasers guys from Retroware TV are involved and basically putting it all together.

Mark:  Wow, seriously, that’s an amazing lineup!  Are you making any video appearances yourself?

Greg:  Yeah!  It turns out that acting isn’t so easy though.  I’ve finished working on my parts.  The Game Chasers are putting it all together.  It’s 100% top notch production and coming along nicely!  I think people are going to be blown away by the AVGN, Pat, the Game Chasers, and some possible appearances of the Cheetahmen themselves…

Mark:  Greg, sounds like you’re going 100% in as usual.  When are you launching this?

Greg:  The Kickstarter campaign should go live 8/7/2012.

Mark:  And, any idea when you’re hoping to have new copies of the fixed Cheetahmen II game available?

Greg:  In good Active Enterprises spirit, sticking to Vince Perri’s 3 month development window would put us in November or December.  Either way, I’m guessing we should probably get this done before the world ends in 12/12/12.

Mark:  Ha ha, nice!  Even once it’s fixed, I’m hoping that Cheetahmen II won’t be the last NES game I ever play.  But seriously, I’ve got to hand it to you.  It sounds like this is going to be a ton of fun and a huge success.  Best of luck with it!

Greg:  Absolutely!  Thanks for helping to spread the word on Cheetahmen II: The Lost Levels.

Update 8/6/2012:  The Kickstarter project CHEETAHMEN II : THE LOST LEVELS is live!  Best of luck Greg!

Rare Game Showcase: Mario Phones, Vectrex Kiosk, Virtual Boy Sign

Need a Mario Phone?  How about a Vectrex kiosk or a Virtual Boy sign?

You’ve got to love eBay and the fantastic and unique gaming items listed this week.  Here’s a collection of my favorites:


FACTORY SEALED nes Chubby Cherub CIB new +box nintendo

neo geo aes metal slug 5 usa excellent ultra rare!!


Pikmin 2 Nintendo Gamecube Countertop Display RARE

E.T. Atari Game Video Store Display Mobile 1982 Sealed

RARE Age of Empires III Game Promo Ship Store Display

Mario Nintendo Custom Bomb Omb Art Sculpture Galaxy The beauty of paper mâché…

Nintendo Game Boy Color Store Display Kiosk

Rare XBOX 360 Large Neon Sign

RARE Nintendo Neon Sign


AMAZING SEGA GAME DISPLAY STAND PROTOTYPE – VERY RARE I have a semi-respectable Vectrex collection and would love to have the space and cash for this gem.



Rare Nintendo Gamecube 35mm film trailer Metroid/Mario

Nintendo Game Cube Stand Up Store Display Game System

Sega Saturn Nights into Dreams Poster Promo Rare 120 120-Games.com is selling this and other items for the 100% benefit of the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

Mario Kart Telephone This may not be the rarest item, but it makes up for it in sheer awesomeness.  Apparently in Mario’s car phone was  just as absurdly large…just like in the early days of cell phones in real-people land…

Mario Telephone Voice Activated!!

Rare Games Spotted: PowerFest Ticket, Custom Punch-Out Figure, Shantae Complete

eBay has some treasures in store for retro gamers and collectors.  I’m personally excited to see how much the complete copy of Shantae for Game Boy will go for at auction rather than being listed with an absurd BIN price.  Also of interest is the M8 below that’s getting a bit of bidding action.  Enjoy!

Spotted on eBay

NINTENDO 64 COLLECTORS DISPLAY SET (good condition) Pretty nifty looking kiosk.  I wonder how long the controllers lasted on these.

Vintage NES Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 2 Note Pad

Custom Marvel Legends GREAT TIGER from Punch-Out NES I’m not sure what inspired “Joe of War” to create this particular character.  Heck, I’d love a King Hippo.  However, you have to respect the retro gaming love.

Seller’s Description:  Hello and welcome toy enthusiasts!  You are bidding on a Custom Marvel Legends GREAT TIGER from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out the video game!  He was built from a Kraven Marvel Legends 6 inch figure.  His gloves are partially sculpted.  I also sculpted his turban, jewel in turban, mustache, and goatee.  All of it was sculpted with Aves Apoxie sculpt.  The chest tattoo is a tribal tiger head done in black.  Check out the tiger paw print on the butt of his pants haha!  Figure is still posable and comes with stand for display.   He was repainted with Testors and Citadel acrylic paints.  The last picture shows  my work in progress for the figure.  Feel free to send me any questions, but NO I do NOT ship outside of the U.S.  Check out my custom figure blog here: http://joeofwarcustomactionfigures.blogspot.com/

11X17 PEACH Nintendo Original Sketch Pinup -DaiKon Art

Cosplay Final Fantasy VIII 8 Sword Gunblade Squall

Nintendo PowerFest Poster and Ticket (The BIN of $400.00 USD or Best Offer isn’t totally unreasonably when you consider that the custom framing & matting job itself probably cost the seller $100.00.)


Shantae (Game Boy Color, 2002) RARE, NM w/ BOX Pretty rare to see complete.

Heavy Rain for PS3 – Rare Press Kit

Nintendo M8 Store Demo Display NES RARE m82 snes

Turbografx 1991 CES booth display **ONE OF A KIND**

Vintage 1980’s 4 foot NINTENDO store display sign RARE

Atari 2600 Demonstration Boards & Documents

Nintendo Mario LCD Watch MINT Rare Vintage Original

Nintendo Mario Yoshi LCD Watch MINT Rare Vintage

Playstation 2 PS2 Test Debugging Station | DTL-H30001 (BIN of $179.99 or Best Offer and the seller has 10+ of them currently.)

Have you spotted a rare video game or collectible that hasn’t been featured here yet? Feel free to submit it to sales@GamesOgre.net