Introducing the 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Screwdrive​​r Bit

After months of design, engineering and production, we’re happy to announce our new 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Screwdrive​​r Bit!

Get your 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Bit on Amazon or eBay

We’re demonstrating all the different types of cartridges a 3.8mm VGM Gold Security bit can open. This is perfect for opening your retro gaming collection for cleaning, battery replacement, and repairs.


  • Original NES Nintendo game cartridges
  • Super Nintendo game cartridges
  • Nintendo 64 game cartridges
  • Original Game Boy game cartridges
  • Game Boy Color game cartridges
  • Virtual Boy game cartridges
  • Sega Game Gear game cartridges


  • Durable strong hardened steel
  • Heat treated for maximum strength
  • Length is about 7.6 cm (~3 inches)
  • Gold colored for identification and corrosion resistance
  • Precision engineered teeth fit tightly
  • Pattern: 3.8mm Female 6 Node (6-Pointed Star)
  • Fit any 1/4″ hex hand tool receiver
  • Made in the USA

We’ve worked hard to offer the highest quality screwdriver security bits on the market. We’d rather offer a top quality item once rather than ask people to continuously replace low quality imitations.  We feel we’ve done just that and our proud that these are made 100% in the United States.  This gives us highest quality control, top quality, and supports American jobs.

Get your 3.8mm VGM Gold Security Bit on Amazon or eBay

A Retro Video Game Christmas

It’s been weeks since I’ve posted to the blog, and that’s for good reason.  We’ve been working incredibly hard to hunt, clean, test, and list 500+ retro video games!

Remember playing Super Mario Bros. 3 and Skate or Die as a kid?  How about Sonic 2?

Thinking of giving a retro video game as a Christmas gift?

Feel free to check out our games listed on eBay and Amazon!  More games will be listed daily and new sales are being launched weekly.

Check out our new listings:

Sale on Game Boy Games

Today through Sunday, July 25th Game Boy games are 15% off in the Video Game Museum gift shop.

See something you like? Snatch it up fast before someone else gets it! Want an even better deal? Use the best offer feature.

Just contact me if you want to combine shipping, work out a deal for buying multiple items, to suggest a future sale, etc.

Happy eBaying & retro gaming!

An Interesting Find: Runaway Gakken Handheld

While out thrift shopping this past weekend, I spotted this sweet little gem in a mixed pile of items!  I’m not a handheld collector, so I can’t say I knew anything about Gakken handhelds.  But something about it simply told me it was old and interesting.  I picked it up on a hunch, and it turns out that my hunch was right!  These little games are fairly rare.  The cheapest ones on eBay are about $40.  Bummer mine is missing the battery cover.  Otherwise, it’s in pretty good shape for its age.

Here‘s a bit more info on them.  Since I don’t collect these, I’m happy to pass mine along through eBay for cheap.  Starting bid is 99 cents, so have at it!

Memorial Day Sale on All Systems

Happy Memorial Day!

In celebration, all video game systems will be 25% off in the GamesOgre eBay Store!

Plus, check out the clearance category for items priced at 40% off! And if that isn’t lovely enough, you’re always welcome to use the “Best Offer” feature to make a reasonable offer on other items in the store.  Hopefully, you can find something to give your favorite retro gaming veteran.