The Collection Grows: My First Kiosk

This past weekend, I took a special step in video game collecting.  Yep, I bought something that takes up a ridiculous amount of space but that makes up for every inch with awesomeness.  I’ve wanted to own a kiosk for the past couple years.  Sure enough, I met up with a pretty cool guy (aka  BUZZ_N64).  We’d met before to trade some games, so his offer to sell me a Nintendo Game Cube kiosk was something I couldn’t put out of my mind.  Naturally, it comes with parts not show in that photo (since we were loading it into a vehicle).  Inside were a couple magnetic advertising mats covering a cardboard mat.  It also included the front plexiglass cover, an advertising topper and side, and, of course, a Game Cube.

BUZZ_N64 was also cool enough to let me take pictures of his collection.  As you can see, he’s mostly a Nintendo & Sega guy.  That being said, he has a pretty good variety of gaming systems set up.  Plus, I have to admit, anyone who would pick up early Rambo action figures gets about 1,000 cool points in my book.  Plus, he’s lucky enough to have picked up a PS1 developer system from a local thrift store!  Check out some of the highlight photos below:

Rare Game Showcase: NES Test Station & a Fantastic Atari Display

Here are a few gems that sold on eBay recently…

Action 52 in Box with Manual (minus cover)  Sold for $290.11 USD on eBay.

Nintendo NES Test Station Sold March 12, 2011 for $430.92 USD on eBay.

Nintendo Game & Watch Green House Sold March 14, 2011 for £670.00 on eBay UK.

Store Showcase for Atari Game Cartridges Sold March 22, 2011 for $660.01 USD on eBay.  eBay seller moon-pies description.

Acrylic front, two sliding doors on back, Atari graphics on two sides, eight divided compartments inside that measure 5 5/8″ by 8 1/4″.

Made of fiberboard and particle board….it shows normal age and wear, though still in very good usable shape.  There are a few dings at the edges, scratches on the acrylic front, wear at the corners and the sliding doors are a little hard to slide at times.

The total measurements are 19 1/4″ high, 24 1/4″ wide and 9 1/2″ deep.


Rare Game Showcase: Nintendo M9 R.O.B. Store Display Unit

Behold the glory that is a possibly new-in-box M9…

Nintendo NES M9 Display Deluxe ROB

Up for auction here is an official Nintendo Entertainment System M9 Static Lighted Display.  I originally bought two of these many years ago.  I sold one of them at the beginning of 2010 and now I am selling the second and LAST unit.  I included a picture (last picture below) of my Nintendo collection to prove that I had two M9 units (THE GAMES AND SYSTEMS SHOWN IN THE LAST PICTURE ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS AUCTION).  These are extremely difficult to find, and this unit comes 100% complete in the original box.  Additionally, I don’t believe this unit was ever used as it is in excellent shape, as can be seen in the pictures below.

This display was to be used at around the debut of the Nintendo Entertainment System to showcase the Deluxe set, which included ROB the robot, Lightgun, Duckhunt, Gyromite, gaming console and additional hardware.

Local pick-up is welcome as this is a large and heavy item.

This would make an excellent gift for any Nintendo collector!  To ensure a safe delivery, packing materials will be placed inside of the display in order to add support to the contents and a box large enough to enclose the entire unit, including the original M9 box, will be used.  The dimensions of the original M9 cardboard box are approx. 38 x 24 x 23 inches.

I can honestly say that there are few NES items cooler than the M9 display unit.  It was used to demo the original NES setup with R.O.B.  Thank you eBay seller sprauketz for the fantastic photos and for sharing this gem with the collecting world at a starting bid of 99 cents!  It’ll be great to see how much this listing fetches in auction.  Reports are that the last one on eBay sold for about $4,000.00!

Rare Game Showcase: Xerox Alto Computer, M82, Racermate Carts & More

Would you pay $30,000 for a computer? How about $2,500 for a Nintendo promotional item?  Collectors love eBay, and this past few weeks’ sales demonstrate that well.  Here are some of my favorite active and ended rare video game items on eBay.

Interesting Items on eBay

Rare Huffy Space Invader Muscle Bike Bidding is $40.00 USD with less than a day remaining.  Ummm, how isn’t this the most awesome thing ever?

Nintendo NES Mike Tyson Punchout Standee 1988 Bidding is $51.00 USD with less than a day remaining.  That’s not a bad price since one of these sold in 2009 for $445.00.

Super Mario Bros Sleeping Bag Bidding is only $8.00 with one day remaining.

World of Nintendo Superbrite M36R Promo Sign Bidding is currently $143.39 with one day remaining.

…This is a superbrite series made by Thomas A. Schutz Co. … The sign has World of Nintendo on both sides, except one side lights up and the other side does not. So I figure this was probably made for a store window to light up the outside and be able to also read it from the inside. … The signs measurements are 36 1/2″ long, 16″ tall, and 6″ deep.

Nintendo DS Neon Sign Starting bid is $50.00 USD.

Super Chair Nintendo Controller Accessory Bidding is currently $100.00 with 4 days remaining.

RACERMATE Challenge II Starting bid of $9.99 USD.

NES Super Stars 5 Game Store Display With a buy it now of $499.99, I’m doubting this will sell.  However, it’s an undeniably awesome way to display your 5 favorite NES games in their boxes.

Ended Items on eBay

Project Natal Animals (Kinectimals) Kinect ***RARE*** Sold Nov. 4, 2010 for $212.50 USD.

Racermate Challenge II Sold Nov. 3, 2010 for $211.38 USD.  This lot also included a top loader NES as well as the controller adapter for the Racermate cart.

Nintendo Mario 1988 Media Kit Rare Original MINT Sold Nov. 2, 2010 for $115.39 USD.

1988 Super Mario Bros. Zelda Pillow Case sold Nov. 1, 2010 for only $3.99.

Nintendo M82 Kiosk Sold Oct. 20, 2010 for $2,500.00 USD.

Xerox Alto Vintage Computer System Sold Oct. 17, 2010 for $30,1000.00 USD.  Yeah, that’s typed correctly.  This computer sold for thirty thousand dollars!

You are looking at a system-complete, never commercially sold Xerox Alto. This is grandfather of all modern computing. First produced in 1973, the Alto was WAY ahead of it’s time, including:

1) Full ethernet networking

2) A 3 button Mouse (first in a non-DARPA computer)

3) a Full-page portrait CRT

4) Graphical user interface

5) The first WYSIWYG word processor

6) The first integrated email application

7) The first graphical network based computer game (Alto Trek!)

8) The first WYSIWYG integrated circuit design software

9) The first implementation of the Smalltalk development environment

10) Bitmapped graphics, menu’s, icons, the “folder” metaphor for storage, etc….

11) Removable storage – 2.5 Megabyte (yes, megabyte!)

1980 Pac Man Phone Telephone Sold Oct. 13, 2010 for $29.99 USD.

Nintendo 1988 Media Kit Rare Vintage Original MINT Sold Oct. 12, 2010 for $122.43 USD.

Nintendo Game Boy Training Module Vintage Rare MINT Sold Oct. 12, 2010 for $77.82 USD.

Rare Game Showcase: 1990 Nintendo World Championships Gray Cart No 0323

A high starting bid, but it’s always nice to see a 1990 Nintendo World Championships game cartridge appear on eBay.  This one is one of the gray copies given to finalists of the infamous NWC competitions that Nintendo hosted around the Unisted States.

Nintendo World Championships 1990 (NWC) Gray Cart #0323

eBay seller aroundthehouse4u states that this was her husband’s.  Included in the auction is also the trophy that her husband won at the Kansas City competition for the 18 & older division as well as a flyer from the final competition in Hollywood. Bidding starts at $14,9999.99 USD and ends November 13, 2010. (Update Nov. 6, 2010:  The seller brought the opening bid down to $6,499.99 and added a “Buy It Now” of $$9,999.99.  That’s a bit more reasonable as most NWC Gray Carts seem to go for the 6-7k range.)

Rare Game Showcase: Atari VCS “POP” Store Kiosk

If you’re like me and think that vintage video game kiosks are the coolest, then the Atari “POP” Kiosk is possibly the king of cool.

Atari VCS POP Dealer Demo Kiosk 1981 1982

The seller is asking $1,400 USD or best offer.  Naturally, this sort of item lends itself to local pickup or freight shipping.

This unit is from around 1981 and is a Atari 2600 in-store “POP” Point of Purchase display demonstrator. Atari’s marketing recognized early on that having an in-store presence such as displays, demonstration systems, brochure racks and so on was important to maintain its leadership in the video game market. Atari supplied its authorized sales centers with every conceivable form of marketing products.*

The Atari VCS POP Dealer Kiosk Service Manual* for the Atari VCS POP describes the POP as follows:

The POP is a microcomputer that enables the user to select any of the ATARI ROM cartridges installed on the PCB and play it for a predetermined period of time.

An incredible 41 games were built into this unit making it not only a hulk in size, but a pretty impressive kiosk.  (Note that an Nintendo M-82 can switch out 12 games.)

* used information found on