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At VideoGameMuseum.com, we know that most retro video game collectors are essentially creating their own personal, mini museums.

Our goal as VideoGameMuseum.com is to promote retro gaming, collecting, and game preservation techniques as well as to provide top-quality tools, games, systems, and accessories to our fellow retro gamers worldwide.

This interview highlights gaming history as well as the mission of VideoGameMuseum.com:

Who writes for VideoGameMuseum.com?

GamesOgre (aka Mark Weber)

Game's Ogre PortraitAs the founder and editor of VideoGameMuseum.com, I love hunting for and collecting rare video games. Like many collectors, I have limited space and an even more limited budget. I’ve been learning as I go about finding, cleaning, testing, and selling games.  Since I know I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg, my articles are my way of documenting and sharing that learning process.  I’ve certainly made my share of mistakes along the way, but this geek is loving ever minute of it!

I collect mostly NES and Dreamcast games and accessories.  Yet, while thrift hunting, I find great stuff for pretty much every system.  Since I often can’t pass up those finds and also can’t justify keeping them for my collection, I put those items up in the Video Game Museum Amazon Store or eBay Store.

While away from VideoGameMuseum.com, GamesOgre spends most of his time in the water surfing and playing with RC scale model boats.

You can follow GamesOgre on TwitterFacebook, YouTube or here at the Video Game Museum Blog’s RSS.

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