Weirdest N64 GameShark Repair Ever

It’s hard to imagine a stranger repair than this!  But it worked for us, and I’m still scratching my head.

If you have a Nintendo 64 GameShark (version 3.3) that won’t boot up, here’s a quick and easy trick that might repair it.  You’ll need a working GameShark of the same version.

***Before you start, verify that your bad GameShark displays the number “8” as ours did in the video.  There are lots of things that can go wrong with these devices, so make sure your issue matches ours.***

***Proceed at your own risk.***

Step 1–Bottom:  Insert the working GameShark into your system.
Step 2–Middle:  Insert the bad GameShark into the top of the working one.
Step 3–Top:  Insert a compatible game into the top of both GameSharks.
Step 4:  Boot up your system.

Pardon the grainy footage.  We actually filmed this about 10 years ago and had forgotten about the footage.  I hope this helps unlock some of your bricked GameSharks.

Best of luck & happy retro gaming!