Protecting Your Boxed NES SNES & N64 Games: Clear Plastic Box Protectors

With the Video Game Museum collection steadily growing, we’ve been working on our methods for preserving our collection.  Just like collecting comic books and baseball cards, a good collection has to be handled with care and properly protected.

NES Box Protectors on Amazon & NES Box Protectors on eBay

Our goal at is to provide the best repair tools and preservation materials possible to retro gamers.  With that in mind, we’ve custom designed custom NES, SNES & N64 box protectors to beautifully fit and protect original game boxes. They fit in smoothly and snugly with just enough extra empty space for the best protection. (Certain NES games from independent manufacturers like Color Dreams run larger and won’t fit.) These cases are perfect for protecting your favorite boxed and sealed original Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 games.  Cool thing is that SNES & N64 game boxes are the same size, so that model will work for both boxes.  See photos for a closer look.


  • Archival Grade PET Plastic
  • Strong 12 Gauge Thickness
  • Locking Tab Design
  • Crystal Clear Clarity
  • Scratch-Resistant Coating
  • Acid Free Plastic
  • BPA, Lead & Phthalate free

VIDEO GAME MUSEUM ARCHIVAL QUALITY: Each of our boxes is Video Game Museum branded so that you know you’re getting the highest quality product possible. These are manufactured in Canada using materials created in the USA. (Most other sellers cut corners by buying from Chinese suppliers and cannot guarantee our level of production or material quality. That’s not a risk we want to take with our collection, so we want to offer only the best to our customers’ collections.)

NES Box Protectors on Amazon & NES Box Protectors on eBay

SNES & N64 Box Protectors on Amazon & SNES & N64 Box Protectors on eBay