Replacing N64 Expansion Covers

wheelbarrow-gnome-400pxWe all know about the gnome who steals socks out of our laundry.  But have you heard about his pixel-hungry buddy who steals battery covers off of Game Boys?  How about his neighbor who snatches expansion covers off of old N64 systems?


Time to fight back!

We’ll be carrying several colors of replacement expansion covers for the Nintendo 64.  Yup, we’ll be keeping the retro gaming world dust free by carrying the original Gray, Jungle Green, Pikachu Blue, and Atomic Purple versions of these little missing lids.  If these do well, we’ll be happy to get more colors produced in time.


Ok, so here’s the funny part.  Nintendo made an Atomic Purple N64 set, right?  What color was it?  Wait….think about it…hmmm.

Hmmm…so it really wasn’t a purple system.  But it did come with a sweet Atomic Purple controller that kicked off the numerous “funtastic” variants that Nintendo released in controllers and systems.

Atomic Purple expansion covers, really?  Yup.  Why? Because yellow would have been silly.  Seriously though, we figure these will give people a great opportunity to continue the custom mix-and-match process of customizing their N64.  We all did it with controllers as a kid.  Why not the system?  Would the system in the box below look better with an Atomic Purple expansion lid?  Would that same lid also look sweet on a colored system?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, you understand.  If not, gray is definitely available too. Modders, here’s one more color to toy around with.







People were asking how closely the colors match the originals, so we figured we’d give you a better look.

Happy retro gaming!