Double Dragon vs Double Abobo Fists!?

So, you’re playing Double Dragon and get thumped on by a big dude named Abobo…

Do you lie awake wondering about Abobo’s back story?
Do you ask yourself if Abobo is actually ALSO fighting to save someone he loves?
Do you daydream about whether or not Abobo could fit into a Megaman suit or about whether or not he could hold his own as one of the Contra guys?

Well if you’re answered “YES” to any of these questions, you’re not alone! All the answers and more lie within Abobo’s Big Adventure!

Seriously, who would be crazy enough to rewrite NES gaming history around the Double Dragon character Abobo?! Clearly insanity and brilliance go hand in hand, because Abobo is both bad & rad enough to knock the socks of the 8-bit generation!

Our thanks to Nick and Roger from¬†Abobo’s Big Adventure for doing an interview with us at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con!

Interested in building your own Abobo’s Big Adventure arcade cabinet?¬† These guys were kind enough to include instructions here.