Is Magneto the Perfect Pinball Villain?

Any X-Men fan knows that Magneto+metal makes for a pretty serious foe…one that very few of us would be crazy enough to tackle.  Given pinball machines’ usage of steel balls, that makes him a nearly perfect villain for Stern Pinball’s newest machine.  Not only is it X-Men themed with great graphics, but its play field seems to consist of tons of great Magneto themed game play twists!  While thumping away as our favorite super heroes, we experienced enough challenge to keep pinball wizards busy at their local bar, arcade, or in their beloved game room for hours.

Additionally, I’m not sure which impressed me more, seeing a new X-Men pinball machine or realizing that Stern Pinball is still dedicated to developing new machines.  It was great to meet Waison (Go Blue!) at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.  You’ve got to hand it to these guys for keeping pinball alive and growing!

If you haven’t already, check out this new machine at