2nd Annual NES Marathon

Apparently Pat the NES Punk is crazy enough to do it again!  Saturday is his 2nd Annual NES MarathonLast year he played through the entire NES collection with a buddy Ian for 30 hours straight.  When talking with Pat about this years marathon, he noted that last years was pretty tough, “I was awake for like 40+ hours.  After the marathon I actually fell asleep during dinner.  For the next two days, everything was in slow motion.”

This year’s NES Marathon will be a little more sane.  Pat explained, “I’ll be playing through 100 great games.  There will be some events and surprises like an exclusive game review by the Angry Video Game Nerd.”  Online viewer turnout for the first NES Marathon was fantastic with 60,000+ viewers.  Just like last year, the goal of this marathon is to raise money for the charity Child’s Play.  Pat & Ian will be thumb-mashing with the hope of raising $15,000.  Please tune in and donate at NESMarathon.com on Saturday, October 22, 2011!