The Collection Grows: My First Kiosk

This past weekend, I took a special step in video game collecting.  Yep, I bought something that takes up a ridiculous amount of space but that makes up for every inch with awesomeness.  I’ve wanted to own a kiosk for the past couple years.  Sure enough, I met up with a pretty cool guy (aka  BUZZ_N64).  We’d met before to trade some games, so his offer to sell me a Nintendo Game Cube kiosk was something I couldn’t put out of my mind.  Naturally, it comes with parts not show in that photo (since we were loading it into a vehicle).  Inside were a couple magnetic advertising mats covering a cardboard mat.  It also included the front plexiglass cover, an advertising topper and side, and, of course, a Game Cube.

BUZZ_N64 was also cool enough to let me take pictures of his collection.  As you can see, he’s mostly a Nintendo & Sega guy.  That being said, he has a pretty good variety of gaming systems set up.  Plus, I have to admit, anyone who would pick up early Rambo action figures gets about 1,000 cool points in my book.  Plus, he’s lucky enough to have picked up a PS1 developer system from a local thrift store!  Check out some of the highlight photos below: