Map of Gehena for Demon Hunter The Return of the Wings

Every now and then we find a game that stands out.  Who knows why we connect with it, but one of my new favorite games is “Demon Hunter: The Return of the Wings.”  It’s a port of a Korean RPG game to the iPhone, and I have to say, it’s a great port!

If you haven’t heard of it already, definitely check it out.  Demon Hunter RotW plays a bit like Zelda II or Castlevania.  Plus, it allows for the awesomeness of an online Auction House as well as online rankings, etc.

Demon Hunter - The Return of The Wings - Sungmin EumFor 99 cents, I’d have to say this is one of my better dollars spent.

Like a lot of iPhone games, it has its fair share of bugs that need to be worked out.  At this point, the translation from Korean language to English stands out the most.  This gets annoying in trying to understand quest givers; however, the bad grammar becomes somewhat endearing as you get into the game.

Since the game crashes for everyone during a boss fight on the Gehena map, I figured I’d draw out a map that fellow gamers can use while waiting for a patch.  Hopefully, it’ll give people a tool to use while leveling their character, mining, or simply passing time in Gehena.

Map of Gehena Demon Hunter Return of the Wings iPhone Game

If you’d like to download the map, here are a few versions:

You’re more than welcome to share the map, but please just send back a link to  I’d also like to thank everyone at TouchArcade for gathering to help each other quest through such a great game.

Thanks & enjoy!

PS:  Here’s a text version of the Hunter Quest Key that I typed up:

Quest Quest Giver Hunter Points Gold Enemy Location Mission
Canyon Destoryer Hotsan 390 460 Basabara CDth10 Kill Basabara who live in the death canyon of Gehena! (hunter quest)
Crying Blood Hotsan 390 460 Urisis CDst5 Kill Ursis who live in the dark canyon of Gehena! (hunter quest)
Dark Follower Evan 390 460 Doria CDsp6 Kill Doria with dark force live somehwere in the doom canyon of Gehena! (hunter quest)
Evil Lord Evan 390 460 Kara CDth1 Kill evil Kara who’s spreading bad ideas form death canyon in Gehena! (hunter quest)
Evil Wizard Hotsan 390 460 Mur MM5 Kill Mur who live in the Maron mountain of Gehena! (hunter quest)
Head of Rocktasha Hotsan 390 460 Rocktakuretu CDsp4 Kill Rocktakuretu who live in the doom canyon of Gehena! (hunter quest)
Statue Alive Evan 390 460 Dogonga CDst2 Kill Dogonga a morem with strong will who live in the despair canyon of Gehena! (hunter quest)
Weird Demon Hotsan 390 460 Berus CDst2 Kill Berus who live in the doom canyon of Gehena! (hunter quest)