Rare Game Showcase: Nintendo M9 R.O.B. Store Display Unit

Behold the glory that is a possibly new-in-box M9…

Nintendo NES M9 Display Deluxe ROB

Up for auction here is an official Nintendo Entertainment System M9 Static Lighted Display.  I originally bought two of these many years ago.  I sold one of them at the beginning of 2010 and now I am selling the second and LAST unit.  I included a picture (last picture below) of my Nintendo collection to prove that I had two M9 units (THE GAMES AND SYSTEMS SHOWN IN THE LAST PICTURE ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS AUCTION).  These are extremely difficult to find, and this unit comes 100% complete in the original box.  Additionally, I don’t believe this unit was ever used as it is in excellent shape, as can be seen in the pictures below.

This display was to be used at around the debut of the Nintendo Entertainment System to showcase the Deluxe set, which included ROB the robot, Lightgun, Duckhunt, Gyromite, gaming console and additional hardware.

Local pick-up is welcome as this is a large and heavy item.

This would make an excellent gift for any Nintendo collector!  To ensure a safe delivery, packing materials will be placed inside of the display in order to add support to the contents and a box large enough to enclose the entire unit, including the original M9 box, will be used.  The dimensions of the original M9 cardboard box are approx. 38 x 24 x 23 inches.

I can honestly say that there are few NES items cooler than the M9 display unit.  It was used to demo the original NES setup with R.O.B.  Thank you eBay seller sprauketz for the fantastic photos and for sharing this gem with the collecting world at a starting bid of 99 cents!  It’ll be great to see how much this listing fetches in auction.  Reports are that the last one on eBay sold for about $4,000.00!