Rare Game Showcase: 1990 Nintendo World Championships Gray Cart No 0323

A high starting bid, but it’s always nice to see a 1990 Nintendo World Championships game cartridge appear on eBay.  This one is one of the gray copies given to finalists of the infamous NWC competitions that Nintendo hosted around the Unisted States.

Nintendo World Championships 1990 (NWC) Gray Cart #0323

eBay seller aroundthehouse4u states that this was her husband’s.  Included in the auction is also the trophy that her husband won at the Kansas City competition for the 18 & older division as well as a flyer from the final competition in Hollywood. Bidding starts at $14,9999.99 USD and ends November 13, 2010. (Update Nov. 6, 2010:  The seller brought the opening bid down to $6,499.99 and added a “Buy It Now” of $$9,999.99.  That’s a bit more reasonable as most NWC Gray Carts seem to go for the 6-7k range.)