Mystery NES Controller Accessory?

Anyone know what this item is?  While out thrift hunting, one of my favorite vendors who knows I like weird video games items pulled this out for me.  We both scratched our heads as we looked at it…

This weird accessory accepts a NES controller.  Two arms extend over the “A” & “B” buttons and contain adjustable plastic screws.  From what it looks like, those screws allow a person to keep one or both of the buttons depressed.

The only markings on the item are as follows:  “Model No. 52950, Patent Pending”

That all seems straight forward, but why?  Why would someone what this?  Who made it?  Anyone have any knowledge of these?

(Update October 31, 2010)  Thanks Speedy_NES at NintendoAge for identifying this item and for the photo!  It turns out that this strange NES accessory is called “The Power Clip”.  Below is s a photo from him.  What’s interesting is that mine has no branding in the indented space just above the two red lever arms.  His reads “PROGRESSIVE PRODUCTS INC, MADE IN USA, PAT PEND”.  Otherwise, from what I can tell, they seem identical.