You Never Know What You’ll Find When Thrift Hunting

I love thrifting. As much as I love collecting retro video games, I can honestly say that I probably like the hunt even more. It’s pretty hard for me to drive by a thrift store, yard sale, pawn shop, or flea market with stopped in “just for a minute.” After all, I find most of my game for my collection and online store that way.

Naturally, I come across some pretty interesting non-video game stuff while thrifting as well. Given that it’s Halloween and some of this stuff is pretty freaky/awesome, I figured it’s time to do a little thrifting show and tell.

Let’s start out with a few awesome Star Wars items.  Yep, that’s Star Wars being featured in a 1983 National Enquirer.

Then we get to the largest Tweetie Bird collection that I’ve ever seen.  I can say I’m the biggest Tweetie fan, but this was downright impressive.  It was also bittersweet since it also meant that someone’s collection had ended up on a table to be pillaged.

Ok, we’ve all heard of Electroconvulsive Therapy (i.e., Electroshock Therapy / ECT), but did you know that you could get your own ECT machine for home use?  This was so awesome that I was tempted to buy it just for a conversation piece. Yep, moisten pads and apply to your mellon for some Relaxacizor action…

Perhaps best of all were these insane clock-in-the-belly dolls.  Seriously, what the heck could these have been used for?  Bomb movie props?

The old adage that you never know what you’ll find while out thrifting is so true…