Nintendo Marathon for Charity & Giveaway

Update: Congrats Pat for raising $8072.05 for charity!

My buddy Pat the NES Punk is taking on the insane challenge of playing 750 NES games within 24 hours!  All this foolishness is being done to raise money Child’s Play charity.

Out of love for the original 8-bit Nintendo (Happy 25th Birthday NES!) and a twisted desire to watch Pat’s plight unfold, I figured it would be great to participate in this charity some way or another.

There are 1440 minutes in a day.  Divide that by 750 games, and you get 1.92 minutes/game.  That means Pat will have on average about 115 seconds per game.

I’ve come up with a list of questions that I’d like to use to raffle off some prizes.  Participating is simple.*  Just comment on this post to be entered.  Commenting gets you entered in the raffle.  The questions are just for fun and for bragging rights, but you’ll have to answer at least one of them to be entered.  I’ll randomly draw winners Sunday evening.  Let’s have some fun with this!


  1. How many Qtips did Pat use in cleaning games to prep for this event?  (Yep, that’s the actual trash can containing Qtips used by Pat to clean games for this Nintendo Marathon.)
  2. Pat is proposing that he’ll alphabetically play through 750 NES games.  How many NES games will he actually play in 24 hours?
  3. Pat’s been cleaning/testing the games, but we all know the hardware challenges of the original NES system and games.  How many of his games will simply not function well enough to play during the marathon?
  4. Will Pat give in to the temptress that is sleep?  If so, which NES game will Pat play before falling asleep?
  5. At what hour in the Nintendo Marathon will Pat no longer be able to use his thumbs?  How do you guess a wise Pat might cope with such a challenge?
  6. Any guesses how much money the Nintendo Marathon will raise?
  7. Have some other wild prediction about the marathon?  Let’s hear it!


10x NES Kits Ten (10) “NES Kits” will be given out.  Each kit contains a set of fantastic 3.8mm & 4.5mm security bits as well as one of our rad custom 3 meter NES AV cables.  (If you’re curious to learn more about either of these, just check out our eBay Store for product information.)


*Contest ends Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 3:00 PM EST (12:00 PM PST).  See additional terms and conditions.  Duplicate entries and other spam entries will be deleted.



Most importantly, please consider donating to Child’s Play.