Rare Game Showcase: Atari VCS “POP” Store Kiosk

If you’re like me and think that vintage video game kiosks are the coolest, then the Atari “POP” Kiosk is possibly the king of cool.

Atari VCS POP Dealer Demo Kiosk 1981 1982

The seller is asking $1,400 USD or best offer.  Naturally, this sort of item lends itself to local pickup or freight shipping.

This unit is from around 1981 and is a Atari 2600 in-store “POP” Point of Purchase display demonstrator. Atari’s marketing recognized early on that having an in-store presence such as displays, demonstration systems, brochure racks and so on was important to maintain its leadership in the video game market. Atari supplied its authorized sales centers with every conceivable form of marketing products.*

The Atari VCS POP Dealer Kiosk Service Manual* for the Atari VCS POP describes the POP as follows:

The POP is a microcomputer that enables the user to select any of the ATARI ROM cartridges installed on the PCB and play it for a predetermined period of time.

An incredible 41 games were built into this unit making it not only a hulk in size, but a pretty impressive kiosk.  (Note that an Nintendo M-82 can switch out 12 games.)

* used information found on AtariMuseum.com