Rare Game Showcase: Lifesized Metroid Samus Statue

It doesn’t get much better than having a full sized statue of your favorite video game character.  (If anyone out there has a life sized ToeJam & Earl, you’d be my personal hero…and I’d probably die in envy.)

First off, I love that the seller levelupvideogames started this auction at a penny.  That means we’ll get to see a fairly realistic value and, hopefully, some fevered bidding.  My only complaint about this auction is its geography.  The seller is located in the Netherlands, and this is a large item and will be expensive to ship.  Perhaps Samus comes with her  teleporter, which will magically deliver her to…hmmm.

Here’s a great description of the item dirrectly from the seller:

This is probably a “once in a lifetime” auction. There were only a handfull of these statues ever made, and exclusively made for Nintendo Europe to promote the first Metroid Prime Nintendo Gamecube game. Since we’re reorganising our shop and need the space she has to go.

Made by Studio Oxmox Australia for Nintendo Europe.  Very tough fiberglass material with iron connectors for arms, head and legs. When taken apart you have the following pieces: Head/Helmet, Arms left and right, Legs left and right and the torso. (Easier to ship when taken apart.) Putting her back together will take no more than 5 minutes and is not hard to do. The iron connectors are really firm and everything pieces together brilliantly. Looks very, very good. Real 1:1 scaled. They can’t get any better than this. After all these years she has been with us she’s still in very good condition, just some minor surface scuffs that were there when we bought her. The only things really noteworthy is a very small piece is gone (about 1cm) right above her knee (see photo). There’s a small hole on top of the left arm and some small damage in her neck. Most can be fixed easily by someone handy.
Please note that I do not have a stand!

Measures a massive size of 190 cm and weighs about 50kg fully assembled.

This is truly a nearly impossible to find item you’re bidding on, and deserves a true Nintendo/Metroid Collector.
Take this chance to own a masterpiece and a TRUE collectors item!