Rare Game Showcase: Atari Music Machine SEALED!

Here’s one of the rarest games for the Atari 2600:  The Music Machine…SEALED! Heck, in it’s currently sealed state, it’s one of the rarest games for any system.  The last sealed version of Music Machine on eBay sold for $5250.00 USD on Oct. 10, 2009.  Perhaps the best part of this auction is that seller inspired_idea has a bit of a historical connection to this game:

I was a game developer at Epyx where I worked on Summer Games, Winter Games, California Games for the 2600.  When Epyx folded, it was bought out by Bridgestone Media Group.  I went with that purchase.  Bridgestone had some video projects with the Agapeland people who made the Music Machine songs and such.  I was creating educational software using Agapeland intellectual property (specifically the mouse characters from the Amazing Book).  I discovered an old box of sample items from Agapeland including a child’s bowl, cup, organizer, stuffed animals, and the Music Machine cartridge.  When I eventually left the company, I was allowed to keep these items as memorabilia.  That was 10-11 years ago.  I guess I’ve kept it (aside from my natural pack-rat tendencies) because it has historical value aside from its rarity.  It’s the world’s first religious video game.  I several years ago I took pictures before and posted them on the net (you can see them on AtariAge in the rarity section).  Back then it still had a store sticker on it that read: “For Display Only”  That sticker has since fallen off and been lost.  I’m not sure why I never opened the box.  Mostly because I had heard about the value of “unopened” and I was able to download an emulator ROM that satisfied my curiosity about the game.  I guess that’s a moral about how emulation can help preserve history: it keeps historical items from getting used up.

How it surfaced now: I’m in the process of moving, and we’ve been going though our stuff looking for what to get rid of.  My teenage son went on eBay and Google to see what we could get for some of our old video games, and discovered the information here at AtariAge (Thanks!).  Needless to say we were pretty excited!  However, we couldn’t find it!  No matter how we searched, it was nowhere to be found.  We searched literally every box in every closet and still couldn’t find it.  We has almost come to the conclusion that it had been thrown away.  We were looking through the boxes under my bed one more time, when I asked my son Andrew if he could see any other boxes under the bed.  He said yes!  There was one small box that had been pushed back behind the others that we had never searched. He pulled it out and there it was!

The seller has gone above and beyond by creating a page that gives background on the Music Machine.  He even does a little comparison between this game and Kaboom.  It’s well done and is definitely a good read for anyone interested in gaming history.

Overall this should be a great auction to watch.  Will it hit $5,000.00 like the last sealed one?  Let’s watch and see!