Rare Game Showcase: Mr. Boston & Entex Adventure Vision

Check out these fantastic gems! Each could easily be the centerpiece of a video game collection. It’s amazing to see so many rare items appear on eBay within such a short time frame.

Sega Wondermega megadrive/ genesis mega CD console Ended Aug. 21, 2010 for £261.00.

Here’s a bit of info from the seller.

This auction is for the ultra rare Victor Sega Wondermega console. It’s an all in one Megadrive and Sega CD combo, and being produced by the sound specialists Victor, it utilises superior audio and video capabilities to the regular console. The machine also does a lot of stuff besides play games. It has a visualsation program from music cds (a big deal in 1993,) also built in Midi capabilites allows users to attach any Midi device along with keyboards and additional software to create thier own music. And since this is the Japanese we’re talking about there is of course a built in Karaoke function.

The console is in great condition as you can see, it’s also been modded to play (region free) pal games. It is bundled with a Japanese psu, s-video cable for superior picture quality, and comes with Sonic CD, Night trap and Gunstar Heroes.

Entex Adventure Vision Mini Arcade Game Console 1982 Ended Aug 23, 2010 for $1,176.00 USD.

This one also has a great writeup by the seller. I love it when sellers are collectors!

The Adventure Vision was a self-contained (no external monitor required) cartridge-based video game console released by Entex Industries in 1982. The Adventure Vision uses a single vertical line of 40 red LEDs combined with a spinning mirror inside the casing to simulate 150 vertical rows (thus making it 150×40 resolution).

Estimates are that only about 50,000 of them were sold, and only about 100 of those still exist today. Our auction today includes the game unit, 3 game cartridges and 2 original game boxes. The game has always been well-cared for and is still operational.

Mr. Boston Vectrex Game Complete in Box Ended Aug 15, 2010 at $3,827.00 with a “Reserve note met.” It seems the seller (vectrex.com-net-org) was hoping for $5,000+.

Ultra rare, there are only a handful of these known to exist, and the seller states this is only one of two complete copies known. That makes this way rarer than a Nintendo World Championships cartridge. The only difference is that very few people collect Vectrex stuff, so even something this rare doesn’t garner the same demand as a Nintendo icon.

Myrian Games Six in One 6-in-1 NES Panesian Nintendo Game Ended Aug 30, 2010 for $710.00 USD.

Hot Slots Complete NES Panesian Nintendo Game Ended Aug 30, 2010 for $797.77 USD.

Peek-A-Boo Poker Complete NES Panesian Nintendo Game Ended Aug 30, 2010 for $810.00 USD.