Imagic Atari 2600 Kiosk & Atlantis II Cart

There’s something fantastic about video game kiosks, and Atari ones seem to be among the rarer ones.  I was quite excited to see this Imagic kiosk pop up on eBay!  Did I mention it includes an Atlantis II cart?

Atlantis II + Imagic Atari 2600 Kiosk LOT

The seller has a pretty interesting story to go with it.  Not only was he lucky enough to make it to the tie breaker round for the Atlantis II contest, but he randomly found the Imagic kiosk being thrown out.  Included in the lot is his original letter that he received in advance of receiving the cartridge in the mail.

Here’s the seller’s background story:

Background Story:

I entered the contest when I was 13 years old and was part of the tie breaker round.  I was sent the package that contained the game and paperwork.  I don’t have the box because, well, let’s face it I was 13!  The only reason I still have the cartridge was because I was proud to have been able to get into a contest others could not.  And the only reason I have the paperwork was because moms like to keep that kind of stuff.  😀 I tucked this game away and have moved it around with me over the years.

About 10 years ago I was taking out some trash for a job I was at and saw an interesting thing poking out of a nearby dumpster. I went to take a look and say that it was an old Imagic store display that let’s you choose a game locked in a case to play in the store.  I took it home and found that it didn’t work.  I took off the back and after examining it found that the power connection had come loose.  I fixed that plugged it in again and it worked!  I was excited and thought what can I do with this since I didn’t have an Atari system anymore.  I decided to go find one and fix it up for a mothers day present (my mom loved to play those games with my brothers and me).

I shopped around and some garage sales and some flea markets and came across 2 systems that were both not working.  I was able to fix one cannibalizing the other.  I put the display and the system together and they worked perfectly!  I then gave it to my mom on mothers day with cartridges she used to play, with the one rule that she had to give it back to me when she didn’t want it anymore.  This is where it stayed for the next 10 years.

My mom passed away about 8 months ago and I was going through her stuff and found the original paperwork from Imagic.  Needless to say this brought back memories.  I decided to look up this game and the display on the Internet, again in reminiscing about the past, and found that there are collectors for this I never new existed.  I decided I would sell it since my son is into the newer systems and does not take an interest in Dads old guy stuff.

Oh, by the way, I didn’t win the $10,000 in gold that Imagic was giving away in the contest. L