Comic-Con Sunday: The Vader-Fett School of Pimp’n?

Vader-Fett School of Pimp’n?  Lego R2-D2?!  Seriously!  Does life get any better?  Sunday’s Comic-Con was a blast!


As per usual, costumes were the highlight of the day.  Yep, I wasn’t kidding about the Bobba Fett & Darth Vader pimp suits.  Batman & Catwoman + Boba Pimp = ?

Yep…and all four at once, amazing!  And then Super Duff Man meets his super hero son.

If Samus was a woman…why not Mario & Luigi?


Perhaps my second most favorite thing about Comic-Con is how great the art and displays are.  The Green Hornet car looks unbelievable in person.  And, what kid didn’t want to build a Lego R2-D2 at some point?

Video Game Promos:

The Dead Rising 2 promo involved getting onto a dirt bike that had chainsaws duct taped to each handle bar (one had broken off by Sunday) and getting to hold your choice of a weapon.  While the less crafty Comic-Con goers chose to hold baseball bats and shot guns, my instincts told me to grab the dynamite-strapped teddy bear…

Feel free to look through the rest of the Comic-Con photos.  We’re already looking forward to next year!