2010 Comic-Con Thursday: Lego Everything and Fantastic Costumes!

Day one of the San Diego Comic-Con was fantastic!  Hands down, people watching is the best part!  People go all out, and I have to hand it to any of them that put the time into making their own costumes.  Plus, did I mention that the trolley stations were written in Klingon?

Who doesn’t love Legos?  Seriously!  Full scale Lego Harry Potter, Halo Master Chief, and Toy Story characters were great! (see gallery at bottom of post for more photos)

Aside from that, it was great to demo some upcoming games.  As a big Patapon fan, I was stoked to get my hands on Patapon 3 for a few minutes.  It plays exactly as you’d remember, and the music sounded great!  God of War Ghost of Sparta played just as great as Chains of Olympus. (Time to dust off my PSP!)  Little Big Planet 2 looked fantastic and seemed to play quite well with the grappling hook.  Ironically, Bionic Commando for the PSN and Xbox Live felt clunky and had a totally frustrating grappling hook.  Red Faction Armageddon had a fantastic display with the ability to get inside of one of their mech suits!  Did I mention that Ninja Theory’s Enslaved plays great?  If you’re like me and are looking for a Heavenly Sword sequel, this is quite a different game.  However, these guys clearly know what they’re doing, and I’m looking forward to the full game!

Beyond hilarious was watching the dude in the shorts try out Just Dance 2 for the Wii.  Each time a person tried the game, they were given a promo headband.  As you can see, he has on 3 or 4 and was pure awesomeness! (Notice everyone dancing in sync except him…and, naturally, he was way better!)

Last week my fiancee Amber and I went down to the Microsoft store to try Kinect.  At best, it felt like a lame HD version of the Playstation 2 eye toy.  I had my hopes up that Playstation’s Move would be better.  You know, it has more precision with that controller, right?  Unfortunately, the Move feels anything but natural.  The gladiator game felt like I was playing pin the tail on the donkey, and the archery game was so tedious that I didn’t even finish playing its demo.  Seriously, Microsoft and Playstation, what are you thinking?

With sore feet Amber and I went to a viewing of the original 1982 version of the movie Tron.  It was a fitting way to wrap up the day, and watching it with hundreds of fellow Comic-Con geeks made it all the better!  Here’s the best line:

Hello, Ed. Thanks for coming back early.
[Dillinger settles into a chair.]

No problem, Master-C. If you’ve seen one Consumer Electronics Show… (shrugs)
What’s up?

It’s our friend the boy detective.
He’s nosing around again.

I took a ton of photos, so feel free to look through some of my favorites below: