Original Pac-Man Concept Sketches

Remember being a kid and sketching out your idea for a video game level?  My buddies and I loved to do this on the bus ride to school!  We’d draw out the level complete with pits, vines, booby traps, monsters, etc.  Then, still on paper, we’d challenge each other to tackle one another’s levels.  Naturally, none of those levels ever made it beyond out trapper keepers to the gaming world…

However, the drawings of Toru Iwatani are an entirely different story.  Not only did Iwatani do the gaming world a fantastic service by creating the iconic Pac-Man, but he actually preserved his original game design sketches for the last 30 years!  Most likely he sketched them in either 1979 or 1980.  Check out his different pixilated variations of Pac-Man and the differences between his concept board and the release version.

Iwatani revealed the sketches at the 2010 NLGD Festival of Games in the Netherlands.  Special thanks to Control for revealing these to the world.

The photos were taken by Sandra Pompe NL EVD International (Agency NL).