World Record Donkey Kong 3 Arcade Machine

Records will be set.  Machines will suffer…

If you enjoyed the movie “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” then you might find a current eBay listening of interest as it has to do with the Donkey Kong 3 world record.

Donkey Kong 3 (Arcade) World Record 3,087,100 machine! (Update:  Auction ended July 1, 2010 at $60.67 USD)

George Riley is the current world record holder for Donkey Kong 3 at 3,087,100 points (Marathon) and 857,200 (Tournament Settings).  He’s now ready to retire the machine on which he set those records.  If you’re into video game history and are a Donkey Kong nut, this may be your auction.

Of note is the fact that I was the first person ever to be recognized for getting a score of over 3 million points, and thereby flipping the game 3 different times for the first time ever.  For some history it needs to be noted that only 3 different Donkey Kong arcade games were ever released in the United States during the early 80’s.  They being Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and of course Donkey Kong 3.  The first two have fame for being featured in the film King of Kong.  Now the odds of getting a machine that has held the record on Donkey Kong, or Donkey Kong Jr. are pretty slim.  So here is your opportunity to own a piece of history.

Naturally though the machine has its share of wear.  It would be fascinating to know even an estimate of how many hours are logged on this and other world record machines.

Now about the condition.  This machine used to be originally a Donkey Kong machine before they turned it into a DK3 machine.  The spraying butten works great, and I have never had a problem with it.  Now the controller is a different story.  It at times seems hard to move, but it is still playable.  The fact that I was able to get a world record on this machine would make this obvious.  Now the main problem that has come up with the machine as of late is the fact that the monitor has been acting screwy.  For instance right after I uploaded a 2.4 million point game to Youtube the screen went down about a third making it so you could not see Stanley on the bottom level.  From what I can see this only happens when you play the game excessively at one time.  So if you are an average player who dies out in 10 to 15 minutes you will probably have no problems.  I will also provide links to Youtube to show the game play of the machine.  The video was made just recently about 3 days before auction, so it is still fresh.    The pictures that you see though were taken the day of auction.  I will start off the auction redicously low at .99 cents.  Since I can’t really ship this I will make it Pick Up Only, but I don’t mind if you find a third party company that will pick up the machine from my apartment to ship it out at your cost.  Just let them know that I live on the second floor of an Apartment building, and there is no elevator.  Thank you very much for looking, and good luck!:)

I love the fact that Riley included some YouTube videos of his playing the machine.  And, yeah, he’s good…plus I love the commentary from player videos like this.,

The auction is “local pick-up only,” so if you live in the Adelanto, California, this may be your chance to for a piece of retro gaming history.