Rare Games Spotted: PowerFest Ticket, Custom Punch-Out Figure, Shantae Complete

eBay has some treasures in store for retro gamers and collectors.  I’m personally excited to see how much the complete copy of Shantae for Game Boy will go for at auction rather than being listed with an absurd BIN price.  Also of interest is the M8 below that’s getting a bit of bidding action.  Enjoy!

Spotted on eBay

NINTENDO 64 COLLECTORS DISPLAY SET (good condition) Pretty nifty looking kiosk.  I wonder how long the controllers lasted on these.

Vintage NES Nintendo Super Mario Bros. 2 Note Pad

Custom Marvel Legends GREAT TIGER from Punch-Out NES I’m not sure what inspired “Joe of War” to create this particular character.  Heck, I’d love a King Hippo.  However, you have to respect the retro gaming love.

Seller’s Description:  Hello and welcome toy enthusiasts!  You are bidding on a Custom Marvel Legends GREAT TIGER from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out the video game!  He was built from a Kraven Marvel Legends 6 inch figure.  His gloves are partially sculpted.  I also sculpted his turban, jewel in turban, mustache, and goatee.  All of it was sculpted with Aves Apoxie sculpt.  The chest tattoo is a tribal tiger head done in black.  Check out the tiger paw print on the butt of his pants haha!  Figure is still posable and comes with stand for display.   He was repainted with Testors and Citadel acrylic paints.  The last picture shows  my work in progress for the figure.  Feel free to send me any questions, but NO I do NOT ship outside of the U.S.  Check out my custom figure blog here: http://joeofwarcustomactionfigures.blogspot.com/

11X17 PEACH Nintendo Original Sketch Pinup -DaiKon Art

Cosplay Final Fantasy VIII 8 Sword Gunblade Squall

Nintendo PowerFest Poster and Ticket (The BIN of $400.00 USD or Best Offer isn’t totally unreasonably when you consider that the custom framing & matting job itself probably cost the seller $100.00.)


Shantae (Game Boy Color, 2002) RARE, NM w/ BOX Pretty rare to see complete.

Heavy Rain for PS3 – Rare Press Kit

Nintendo M8 Store Demo Display NES RARE m82 snes

Turbografx 1991 CES booth display **ONE OF A KIND**

Vintage 1980’s 4 foot NINTENDO store display sign RARE

Atari 2600 Demonstration Boards & Documents

Nintendo Mario LCD Watch MINT Rare Vintage Original

Nintendo Mario Yoshi LCD Watch MINT Rare Vintage

Playstation 2 PS2 Test Debugging Station | DTL-H30001 (BIN of $179.99 or Best Offer and the seller has 10+ of them currently.)

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