Game Boy Solar-Pak vs Solar iPhone Charger

My favorite part about flying is getting to read the SkyMall catalog.  A special treat is when I fly once at the end of the month and take a return trip in the following month…thus getting to read an updated copy of SkyMall on the return trip.  While this proves I’m a geek, it also proves useful as a retro gamer and blogger (which ironically also both prove I’m a geek…).  Check this out: you can get a solar charger for your iPhone.  I ripped out the page and scanned it for your viewing pleasure.  Solar…green…iPhone…  Quite lovely, huh?

While that may be a cool idea, Naki is way ahead of the game here.  Back in 1993, they came up with the Solar-Pak for the Original Game Boy.  Talk about a piece of retro gaming history!  Solar…green…GAME BOY!  How freak’n cool is that?!

Let’s do a little product comparison to figure out which solar pack is better:

Naki Solar-Pak

Novathink Solar Surge

System Original Nintendo Game Boy iPhone 3G/3GS
Solar Powered Yes Yes
Battery 500 mAh 1,500 mAh
Wrist Strap Yes No
Instructions Languages English, Francais, Español, Deutsche, Nederlandse, Portugues, Italiano Unspecified
Indoor Charger Naki AC adaptor (#55618-USA), (#55543-Europe), & (#55629-UK) USB
Motivation Extended Gaming (7 hours!) & Environmental Love Jumping on the iPhone & “Green” Bandwagons
Cool Factor Freak’n 80s Rad Hipster
Cost >$20 used, >$?? New $69.95

Even without knowing whether or not the Game Boy Solar-Paks works, I’m leaning toward it as the winner.  First off, they power an iconic Nintendo gaming system.  Secondly, they came out 17 years before the iPhone solar charger.  Third, I wouldn’t plug in anything named “Surge” into one of my electronic devices.  And finally, there are simply too many other iPhone chargers in existence to justify charging $69.95 for any of them.  Thus, the Naki Solar-Pak wins!

I originally blogged about these Solar-Paks after finding one in October.  Since then I came across a guy who had a few boxes of them.  As any compulsive collector would, I bought them all on the spot!  I’m keeping a bunch of them, and the rest I’ve put up in the Video Game Museum eBay Store.