Spotted on eBay: Atari Service Manuals, Pirate Gear & More

Here’s a healthy list of video game rarities to get the blood flowing through your geeky little-retro-video-game-loving heart.  (Atari collectors take note of the service manuals and pirating gear!)

Rare Games

Super Contra III Demo for Super Nintendo SNES System Has a BIN/OBO of $99.99 USD.

Wacky Races Pre-Release Test Game NES – Extremely Rare (Sold May 25, 2010 for $171.06 USD)

Nintendo World Championships NWC Cart – Holy Grail Rare Currently with a BIN of $5199.00 USD and including a few bonus items.

Collectibles & Promo Items

World of Nintendo Fiber Optic Sign NICE!! (Sold on May 26, 2010 for $295.00 USD)

1989 Eureka Nintendo Easter Cling Decoration 4 Pc New

Patapon – super rare Sony PSP press promo pack (Sold on May 28, 2010 for GBP 28.99 …approximately $44.12 USD)

PACMAN UNCUT STICKER SHEET BY FLEER, MIDWAY 1980, RARE! (Sold on May 29, 2010 for $32.00 USD)

Modnation Racers for PS3 – Rare Press Kit (Sold on May 31, 2010 for GBP 80.00 …approximately $121.75 USD)

Atari Field Service Manuals

Atari 2600 Field Service Repair Manual

Atari 5200 Field Service Repair Manual

Original Atari Home Computer Retail Sales Manual binder

Atari 400 800 Field Service Repair Manual

Atari 410 and 810 800 Field Service Repair Manuals

Atari Service Repair Center Policies/Prodecures Manual

Atari Field Service Manuals – Huge Lot inc 800 1200 XL

Atari CPS Supersalt Manual for repair service

Atari Service Repair Diagnostic Controller Jumper Board

Atari 2600 Game Pirating Copy Devices

Ok, I think we all know that coping video games is naughty.  However, having the ability to copy 30 year old games somehow seems to fall into a different moral category.

Yoko Game copier for Atari 2600 – super rare

Unimex Duplikator SP280 + 6 Copy Carts – ATARI VCS 2600

Ended Auctions (This have all ended, but are none the less quite interesting)

NEW SEALED Super Mario Bros. 2 action figure: Mouser (Sold for $36.99 USD)

NEW SEALED Legend of Zelda action figure: Link 1989 (Sold for $69.99 USD)

BUBBLE BATH BABES NES NINTENDO Adult Game~ULTRA RARE (Sold for an even $500.00 USD)

Halo Reach Helmet This is a fan made helmet.  Pretty impressive actually.  (Sold for $217.50 USD)

Treamcast portable Sega Dreamcast with carry case, game (Sold for 147.00 GBP / ~$212.25 USD)

NEW IN BOX Nintendo Super Mario 3 Playchoice Cartridge! (Sold for $60.00 USD)

NEW IN BOX Nintendo Ninja Gaiden Playchoice Cartridge! (Sold for $54.01 USD)

NEW IN BOX Nintendo Punch Out Playchoice Cartridge WOW! (Sold for $62.09 USD)


Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition Collectors Rare (Sold for $1925.00 USD)

GBP 80.00
Approximately US $121.75