LEGO Universe MMO Preorder Begins!

LEGO Brand RetailWho didn’t play with LEGOs as a kid?  I can’t even count the number of hours that my brothers and I spent creating, destroying, and recreating things with our horde of LEGOs.

While it seems that LEGO may be trying to milk every dollar they can out of their brand by creating LEGO versions of video games (Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones, Rock Band…and now Harry Potter), their new LEGO Universe seems to be shaping up as something different. From what I’ve seen so far the new LEGO Universe MMO looks fantastic!  Hopefully the gameplay will be as great as the screenshots and video they’re presenting.  Perhaps it goes without saying that we’re all hoping that LEGO will learn both from the World of Warcraft’s success and shortcomings. So far, it’s looking like LEGO Universe is one MMO deserving of attention.

Naturally catering to video game collectors, LEGO has started taking preorder purchases for the game, which include an “Exclusive LEGO Universe Minifigure and In-Game Accessories.”