Goodwill = Retro Video Games

I have a fantastic fiancee. One of her many fine qualities is her love for thrift shopping and retro gaming. The two of us hit up about four different Goodwill stores this weekend.  Sure enough, we found a fantastic number of retro gaming items for cheap.  We passed up a number of items too (mostly PS1 systems, sports games, etc.).

Naturally some of these items will go into the collection and the rest will hit my eBay Store.  I’m especially excited to have found Mario Teaches Typing for PC and all of the old-school Blizzard games.  I’m holding onto those.  Plus, the Quest for Glory PC games by Sierra were a fantastic find.  A collector friend of mine was happy to add those to his collection.

The moral of the story here is that Goodwill is still a solid place to hit if you’re a retro gamer.

Here’s the loot list:

3DO Road Rash
CABLES 5x AV Cables
DS Guitar Hero On Tour + Decades Box Set
DS Guitar Hero On Tour + Decades Box Set
GCUBE Metroid Prime
GCUBE Super Smash Bros. Melee
GENESIS Controller
GENESIS Maximum Carnage
MISC Star Wars Figures Lot
MISC Mario Ball
NES Yobo System
NES NES System (no wires)
PC Warcraft: Orcs & Munans
PC Warcraft II Expansion
PC Diablo II
PC StarCraft
PC Phantasmagoria
PC Alice
PC Full Throttle
PC Quest for Glory I
PC Quest for Glory II
PC Quest for Glory III
PC Mario Teaches Typing
PS1 Intelligent Cube
PS1 Diablo
PS1 Mega Man X4
PS1 Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1 & 2)
PS2 Eye Toy Play
PS2 Eye Toy Groove
PS2 RC Revenge
PS2 Tarzan Untamed
PS2 Fatal Frame
SNES Controller
SNES Controller
SNES Controller
SNES SNES System (no wires)
SNES SNES System (no wires)
XBOX GTA San Andreas