Spotted on eBay: Signed WoW Collector’s Edition, Genesis Kiosk, Mario Pillow

Here are a few pretties from my eBay watch list that I figure my fellow video game collectors will enjoy:


Radiant Silvergun (Saturn) SS RARE NO RESERVE!!! Currently at $160.00 USD and climbing. (Ended April 24, 2010 at $165.00 USD)

RARE NES Game Action Replay GAR save Nintendo games!! I simply love my GAR.  I picked it up in a lot of 8-bit Nintendo stuff about a year ago.  Beat a level, save, beat a boss, save…  It’s a pretty simple idea for us now, but doing this is the 80s was unheard of.  Little did any of us know that this sweet gem would have allowed us to finally beat impossible (and beloved) games like Battletoads or Double Dragon III…or give us extra opportunities to make insane jumps in Ninja Gaiden. (Ended April 22, 2010 at $97.00 USD)

ATARI LYNX P.I.T.S FAHRSCHULE/ NEU * NEW /NO ATARI 2600 (Ended April 24, 2010 at 375.00 EUR; about $481.50 USD)

MagiCard Ultra Rare Blue Label Atari 2600 Cartridge R10 If you thought Air Raid was the only rare Atari 2600 cartridge to keep an eye out for, think again.   Here’s one more to watch for. (Ended April 24, 2010 at $6766.67 USD)

*SIGNED* World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition The seller states that this was signed by the development team.  It’ll be interesting to see what this goes for. (Ended April 27, 2010 at $530.00 USD)

Mario Party 3 Demo for Nintendo 64 N64 System

Rare Atari Jaguar Battlesphere Game Currently at $367.00 USD with 5.5 days to go on auction. (Ended on April 28, 2010 at $385.00 USD)


Vintage Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo NES glass mug HUGE

UNUSED Q-BERT & FRIENDS COLORING BOOK 1983 (Ended April 23, 2010 at $9.99 USD)

Super Mario Pillow Vintage Nintendo 1989 Collectible Is it wrong to want this? (Ended April 24, 2010 at $92.00 USD)

NINTENDO 64 OCARINA IN TIME STORE DISPLAY (Ended April 29, 2010 at $29.00 USD)

Sega Genesis Store Kiosk with rare DS-16 changer This is one great looking store kiosk.  And for me, the best part is seeing how the DS-16 was incorporated.