Rare Gaming & Collectible Stuff on eBay: Promo Signs, Custom Lego Units, Mario Alarm Clock

Here are some of the listings that caught my eye on eBay this week.  …figured I’d share the gaming/collecting love.

Gaming + Legos

I was a fan of Lego Star Wars, but by the time Lego Indiana Jones & Batman hit, I was over it.  Even if you’re also sick of seeing Lego’s overused in gaming, eBay seller 2gangblank should put a smile on your face.  Just for reference, each of the systems he built out of Legos NES, Game Boy, PS2, Xbox 360 are non functional.  The NES below for example was built out of 23 bricks.  They’re mini dummy systems but, none the less, cleverly constructed.

Video Game Promo Signs

Apparently, a $200.00 USD Buy-it-Now seems to be the magic number for video game signs these days.  Check out these sweet gems:

Official Nintendo 64 Signage
Nintendo/Gamebo​y Adavnce Lighted Display Sign
Rare ?? or scarce Nice Neon Nintendo Gameboy Sign (Ended April 1, 2010 at $199.99 USD)

Sony PlayStatio​n 2 Lighted Sign
Sony PlayStatio​n Light Display Sign NICE!!!
Gold color sign board of Nintendo Entertainm​ent These Japanese Nintendo signs seem to be popping up on eBay lately. (Ended April 9, 2010 at $199.00 USD)
Nintendo Zelda Twilight Princess Standee Store Display!

Random Collectibles & Gaming Stuff

Nintendo Zelda LOZ Donkey Kong DK Employee Pin Rare (Ended April 6, 2010 at $42.50 USD)
HTF Q BERT SERVING TRAY ARCADE VIDEO GAME Q*BERT NR This seller “kimers” has a number of other interesting collectibles up as well. (Ended April 1, 2010 at $11.50 USD)
Super Mario bros ALARM CLOCK nintendo vintage old rare (Ended April 1, 2010 at $63.00 USD)
ATARI CORPORATION 1994 ANNUAL REPORT JAGUAR (Ended April 1, 2010 at $50.95 USD)
Super Mario bros PROMO TIE nintendo nes vintage RARE !! (Ended April 1, 2010 at $41.00 USD)
Nintendo 64 N64 + 36 Games + CD Drive Conker Zelda Rare (Ended April 2, 2010 at $405.00 USD)