Why Buy 1 Nintendo Stadium Events When You Could Get Ripped Off For 4?!

Why buy one NES Stadium Events cartridge, when you could have four?!  Ok, this Stadium Events fad has just officially gotten out of hand, but this is hilarious.  Four…seriously?  Four…

eBay seller lc_motorz just listed a lot of 4 PAL (European) Stadium Events game.  Mind you, this North Highlands, CA United States based seller doesn’t mention that they’re the PAL version, but a quick glance at the label shows that they’re not the much rarer US version.  What’s also interesting is that he’s double listed these.  He has them running in both an auction format and in a buy-it-now format.  So either that means he has 8 of these things or he’s breaking an eBay policy by double listing the same items.

Auction: Stadium Events Nes game 4 GAMES IN ONE!!! RARE!!! Auction ended at $1176.00 USD on Mar. 24, 2010.

BIN: Stadium Events Nes game 4 GAMES IN ONE!!! RARE!!! BIN is for $3000.00 USD.

I’m not sure if I want to see this Stadium Events fad end or to see what other absurdity it’ll create.  If anything though, it’s taught us all that there were a lot more of these games in circulation than anyone realized…and, thus, that it’s a much less rare game than originally though.  I have a feeling in a few months or a year or so prices will normalize, and people who paid big bucks for these are going to realize they overpaid huge.