Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: Game Boy DJ Gear, Uniquely Colored N64, etc

Here’s a list of interesting eBay auctions for rare retro video game, collectibles, and other unique gaming related that items that I’ve come across during the past week.  As a collector and a geek who is always curious to discover new weird video game stuff, I love the fact that eBay is essentially a constantly updated museum for the vintage gamer.

SUPERGAMEBOY – Pro-Sound Modified (Suitable for LSDJ) (Ended March 5, 2010 at $10.48 USD)

Underclocked ProSound Backlit Clear Gameboy (for LSDJ) All the coolest DJs mix with Game Boys…pretty rad actually.

Magical Chase Turbo Grafx Complete in Box (Ended March 6, 2010 at $2026.00 USD)

custom Megaman Rockman Figure Bandai Armor EX X x3 NES (Ended March 7, 2010 at $21.00 USD)

Nintendo Official 22 Game Wooden Storage Roll Top Unit

World of Nintendo Sign Plate Nes Display

Rare Nintendo Entertainment Center DISPLAY CASE SNES (Ended March 7, 2010 at $46.50 USD)

No More Heroes 2: D.S. – Promotional Toilet Paper (Ended March 8, 2010 at $32.00 USD)

Scarborough Fair Bayonetta Replica Gun and Stand Rare (Ended March 8, 2010 at $51.00 USD)

VERY RARE Dragon Force Saturn Promotional Lapel Pin I’m surprised no one snatched this up for it’s previous $14.00 USD Buy-It-Now, and I’m wondering what it’ll go for. (Ended March 9, 2010 at $14.50 USD)

Rare large Q*bert 13 in plush vintage Kenner 1983 Qbert (Ended March 11, 2010 at $58.00 USD)

** Rare N64 Prototype – Translucent purple/white ** While it may be possible to make a similar N64 by taking apart and 2 N64s and swapping one top for another, I haven’t seen that lighter white/light gray color of a bottom before.  The seller explains the following about this unit’s design.  “Up for sale is a N64 Prototype console in translucent clear purple/white color as you can see on the photos – This prototype was manufactured back in 1998/1999 for Nintendo of Europe together with eleven other N64 Prototypes before releasing the famous Funtastic Color Series. Nintendo produced several colors to decide which of them will hit the maket. This one did not!” (Ended March 14, 2010 at $1,145.50 USD)