The $800,200.00 Stadium Events Game Gets Even More Interesting

You can learn a lot about a person based on what they’ll write in an eBay listing, and this is sheer entertainment (If you call watching someone shoot himself in the foot entertaining).  Several days ago, eBay seller acuraboi12‘s listing for “Stadium Events Nes game” 110499541029 got bid up to $800,200.00 USD.   Since the auction was largely regarded as a fraud, it seems that bidders were having “fun” bidding it to absurdity.

Today, acuraboi12 relisted the auction 110501811026 with the following colorful and poorly written note on the situation:

“Im tired of these joy bidders thats not willing to pay and are playing around do you know this is causing me money to list this up. I will only take serious inquiries and offers only now and will not answer anyone with a yellow star rating. The two highest bidders was little kids that are sitting on their butts with pepperoni face pimples that have no lives. Now if you guys want to really make a offer please email me an offer and i will answer as many questions as possible.”

In my book, I bid on things based on the seller’s ability to make me comfortable and to feel confident that I’m receiving a great product and will be treated fairly if there’s an issue with it.  Unfortunately, acuraboi12 does neither of these and seems to demonstrate why his listing was target by sham bidders.  Besides his tirade, I think the yellow star thing is hilarious given the seller’s own “yellow star rating.”

Even if you disregard the troubling personality that seems to be attached to this game, I should point out that the seller still hasn’t supplied any close of photos of the game’s H-Seam.  Plus, it’s a bit strange that a “factory sealed” game like this would have a box hanging tab so far off center.  I’m highly doubting that someone at the factory miscalibrated the tab machine by a full inch on such a short run of games.  Nothing about his listing makes me trust the seller.

As a rule of thumb, take his method as an example of how best to not sell your possibly real / possibly fake sealed Nintendo Stadium Events game on eBay.  All things considered, this should be an interesting auction to watch again…that is if you enjoy watching train wrecks.

(Perhaps this article should have been titled “How Not to Sell Your ‘Sealed’ Nintendo Stadium Events Game.” )