Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: Sealed Stadium Events, M8, M82, Atari Demo Unit, and a $200 Ruler

Here are some rare video games, systems, promo items, and collectibles that I’m watching on eBay.  I love the fact that eBay is essentially a live museum of video gaming rarity.  Happy retro gaming and good luck collecting!

$$$$ — For the Video Game Collector with an Unlimited Budget

FACTORY SEALED NEW NES NINTENDO STADIUM EVENTS NTSC If you’re not aware of this auction (currently at $41,300.00 USD with 3 hours to go), then you’re missing out on the world’s most expensive video game auction to date.

Stadium Events Nes game What will be equally interesting will be to see if history repeats itself with this auction for another copy of a sealed Stadium Events.  It’s currently at $7,300.00 USD with 3 days to go…but seems a bit sketchy.

$$$ — For the Collector Whose Grandma Just Died (Or Who Has a Job and a Budget)

**** Atari 2600 Game *** Coke Wins – Pepsi Invaders *** Apparently Coca-Cola used this custom 2600 promo cartridge to allow users to dominate the minions of Pepsi.  I think that’s simply awesome. (Ended March 6, 2010 at $2125.00 USD)

Nintendo NES M8 Kiosk Store Display Unit This original Nintendo display unit predates the M82.  The seller is certainly asking a pretty penny for it, but at least he has the best offer feature going.

Nintendo M82 Game Selectable Working Product Display This crazy dude is asking a freakish amount of $35,000.00 USD or best offer for this thing.  Clearly he’s out of his mind.  They run about $1,000 USD for the unit.  However, it is rare to find in the box. (Ended March 28, 2010 at $9000.00 USD)

Rare Nintendo Store Display Machine M82 These display units are fantastic.  They’re certainly on my wish list.

Rare 1982 Atari VCS Store Demo 45 Games plus slot WORKS Starting the bid at $99.00 USD, this seems like a fair opportunity for Atari collectors to pick one of these up. (Ended March 8, 2010 at $338.33 USD)

Nintendo Mario Soda Store Display Promo Signs NES Expensive, but a great Nintendo promo item none the less.

Nintendo GameCube Donkey Kong Kiosk Display Setup

EarthBound Promotional Ruler Super Nintendo SNES Promo! There’s nothing like spending hundreds of dollars on a ruler…yes, a simple wood ruler. (Update: Sold for $776.47 USD on Feb. 28, 2010)

Starfox Super Weekend Super Nintendo SNES RARE (Ended March 3, 2010 at $304.69 USD)

Rare New Game Boy Micro Console Pokemon Limited Edition (Ended March 3, 2010 at $235.50 USD)

Yellow Zelda test cart – NES – very rare – NM condition (Ended at $550.00 USD)

N64 Nintendo Fiber Optic Sign kiosk store display unit (Ended Feb 25, 2010 at $295.00 USD)

$$ — For the Game Collector with Some B-day Money from Grandma


Sega Genesis Controller Modified for use with Vectrex As I’ve recently become a Vectrex collector, I’m impressed to find unique Vectrex items on eBay.  Perhaps most impressive about this auction is the manual that this guy created to go with his item. (Ended Feb 27, 2010 at $39.99 USD)

Nintendo Legend of Zelda Link PVC Figure 1989 Applause (Ended Feb 27, 2010 at $14.77 USD)

Bioshock Big Daddy limited edition figure from the xbox (Ended Feb 28, 2010 at $31.00 USD)

Nintendo World Championships 1990 Certificate With all the Stadium Events fever, it’s starting to feel like the NWC Cart is so last week.  Anyone have an idea of how this affects the sales of other rare video games? (Ended Feb 28, 2010 at $34.00 USD)

Nintendo Mario vs Donkey Kong Mini Countertop Display

$ — For the Poor Video Game Collector Mooching Off His Grandma to Support a WoW Addiction

Wendy’s Nintendo Wii Toys Mario Spinner 2007