My Rare Video Game Finds: Atari Super Pong, Fatal Fury Special, Tropical Trouble

I love hunting for retro video games.  I’d say I enjoy it more than playing them…and possibly even more than collecting them.  I’m not sure why, but the joy of finding a needle in the haystack of flea market crap and getting the games for a great price is hugely satisfying to me.  Anyway, here are my finds from the last two weekends of hunting at the local flea market.

A few highlights…

  • Atari Super Pong System:  Sure enough this thing started right up…not bad since it was made in 1976!  I was about to list this on eBay when my girlfriend insisted it stay in the collection…great girlfriend!
  • Internation Superstar Soccer Deluxe (SNES):  Picked up this rare game (well…tarnished gem with some label wear) for my personal collection for $15.
  • “Super 8” Movie Collection:  Ok, I don’t know anything about 8 mm film, but I couldn’t pass these up.  Tarzan in the She-Devil, Zorro’s Suicide Express, Little Rascals Spooky Hooky, etc. Even if none of them worked, the covers alone would make awesome art pieces.
  • Fatal Fury Special (Game Gear):  My buddy had a Game Gear growing up.  I didn’t like it then, and I’m not interested in collecting it now.  However, since most of the games have very little value, I know it’s an easy system for other people to collect.  It turns out that Fatal Fury Special is one of the few games of value for the system, so that made a great find for me to pass along to someone’s collection.  
  • Tropical Trouble & A LOT of Other Intellivision Games:  Tropical Trouble simply has some of the best label art of any video game I’ve ever seen!
  • Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II:  It’s always great to be looking through a folder of loose games and to find a gem.  Sure enough one seller had both of the Baldur’s Gate Playstation 2 games.
  • VMIGO System:  Every now and then curiosity gets the best of me.  When I saw this at the Flea Market, I had no idea what it was other than that it looks like a decently made weird little video game system. For $3, I couldn’t pass up.  It turns out that you use it to raise a virtual pet.  Best part is that the VMIGO portable pet “Game Boy” unit also functions as a pedometer.  It gives kids points for exercising!  lol  Expect to see this in my eBay store starting at a penny bid soon. ha ha

I had fun hunting for vintage gaming stuff.  Sure enough, I found a few rares for a good price.  That puts a few things into my collection and hopefully means that fellow collectors can find something for their own collections once I get it all listed on the GamesOgre eBay Store!  In the meantime, check out the rest of my photos below.  Happy collecting & retro gaming!