Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: Atari 2600 Ewok Adventure Proto & Laura Croft Statue

Here’s are a few super rare and/or quite interesting video game collectibles that have popped up on eBay.  I have a feeling that this first prototype Atari 2600 is going to go for a mint!

STAR WARS:EWOK ADVENTURE GAME For Atari 2600 (Original) This is a dream of any collector, and I can only imagine the small fortune that someone will pay for it.  After all it’s both a prototype and falls into the highly collectible Star Wars universe.

It should be an interesting auction to watch.  See below for a gameplay video, but the idea behind the game is that you’re an Ewok fighting off stormtroopers, speeder bikes, and AT-ST units from your hang glider…just image the Return of the Jedi Ewok sceen.  (VGPC.com has a great article if you’re interested in more info on this game.)

From eBay seller bennettjpYou are bidding on a One-Of-A-Kind Atari 2600 VCS prototype, STAR WARS: Return of the Jedi – EWOK ADVENTURE!  As confirmed by the game’s programmer, Larry Gelberg, formerly of Parker Brothers, this prototype is authentic and is the only original prototype known in existence in all of North America!!!! (NTSC) The game was finished but never published due to management concerns that it was “too difficult” for gamers of that time period.  In 1983, when Parker Brothers pulled the plug on EWOK ADVENTURE, the programmer gave me this prototype.  I have been storing it in a safe place until now……”

LIFE SIZE LARA CROFT LEGEND TOMB RAIDER STATUE lifesize Officially licensed and simply awesome.  Some gamer is going to give up all hopes of getting a girlfriend and buy Lara instead.  Really though, this is impressive and belongs in a video game museum.

PLAYSTATION PS1 NUBY REALITY VEST VIBRATION PACK ~ RARE I’m not sure how rare this is, but I’d never seen one before.  It’s hillarious in that it turns your entire chest into a rumble pack.  (It reminds me of when I was a kid playing laser tag.  The silly headgear we used had a rumble pack attached to your temple…bad rumble tech…like a handbuzzer strapped to your head.)  Anyway, randomness aside, I though this was interesting enough to feature.

Nintendo Ceiling Fan Simply cool, but it’s a little crazy that the seller is asking $1,500 USD for it.