I Finally Figured Out a Childhood Mystery

DoFlight of the Dragon Cartoon Movie 1982 you ever have one of those faint childhood memories where you sort of remember something but can’t remember it’s name, location, etc.?

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out the name of my favorite childhood cartoon.  My brothers and I probably watched it 50 times, but none of us had any clue what it was.  Many thanks to Google and draconian.com for helping me to solve this mystery!  The movie turned out to be “The Flight of the Dragons” from 1982.  Mystery solved!  Let’s just hope it’s as good as I remembered!  Now just to track down a copy since the bums at Netflix don’t have it…

And a bit more info from draconian.com about the movie if you’re interested:

“The Flight Of Dragons is created from the book by Peter Dickinson. The movie is about an evil Wizard Ommadon who threatens to destroy nature. The only hope is a modern-day scientist, Peter Dickenson who is thust into the magical world by a Nature Mage. Due to a mistake in a spell, Peter is changed into a dragon named Gorbash. Peter has to learn how to use his new dragon body properly before the adventure to get the crown. It is up to a couple Dragons, an outlaw Elf, and a noble knight to save the world of the evil wizard Ommadon.
This movie is rated
NOT RATED, but would be G, great for the whole family.”