Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: Vectrex Light Pen & 3-D Imager, StarFox Competition Cart, Sexy Nintendo Poster?

Here’s a bunch of retro gaming awesomeness that I’m watching on eBay!  Talk about some great potential additions to the collection.  I just wish I (a) could afford it all and (b) had room for it.  Maybe you’ll find something for a little vintage holiday shopping or just be like me and drool over your keyboard.  Happy holidays!

Rare Video Games:

2 Rare Super Nintendo Snes Star Fox Competition + Ninja Awesome to find these in this condition.  Could this guy have picked an uglier backdrop to photograph the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy?
Starfox Competition_smNinja Gaiden Trilogy New_sm_sm

RARE METAL GEAR SOLID BLEEMCAST SIGNED BY HIDEO KOJIMA This is hilarious that Kojima signed a bootleg port of his game.
Metal Gear Solid Bleamcast Signed_sm_sm

Rare Systems:

SEGA MEGA DRIVE AIWA CSD-GM1 ULTRA RARE JAPAN I had no idea this even existed!


built in nes nintendo sharp tv RARE Local pickup in Michigan.

Unique & Possibly Rare Video Game Collectibles:

OFFICIAL NINTENDO FAMILY COMPUTER TISSUE HOLDER UNUSED Clever…not a bad idea to make yourself if you have an extra broken top loader or SNES.

NINTENDO BOX OF 48 GAME PACKS 1989 TOPPS Stuff like this always seems reasonable priced…heck it’s essentially what we paid as a kid.  I’m always tempted to buy some.

Nintendo Advertising poster Who knew Nintendo could be sexy!?  Or disturbing…
Sexy Nintendo Poster_sm

Light Pen + AnimAction + Art Master +Melody Vectrex LOT While the rest of these are all auctions that I’m simply watching, this one is actually an auction I’m running.  However, given the rarity of this accessory, it would be a shame not to feature it.  It must be Christmas, because these things rarely appear on eBay, and another seller is also auctioning off one as well (link below).

Vectrex 3D Imager – Original 80’s Rare Retro GCE MB VGC I happen to have one of these.  I honestly believe it’s 3-D technology is better than the Master System’s 3D glasses and the Virtual Boy.  It’s super rare, so it’ll be going for a pretty penny.
3D Imager Vectrex Accessory 3-D_sm

Vectrex Light Pen Original 80’s Version. GCE MB