Retro Gaming Holiday Sales

Black Friday Sales for Retro Gamers?

Everyone knows about the sales offered on current generation video games, but maybe you’re an old-school gamer and are more interested in retro gaming & collecting.  Here’s a list of the sales I’ve come across for vintage video games like the original 8-bit Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari, etc.: eBay Store

On top of these sales, take an additional 8% off using (Yeah, that means 15% becomes 23%!).  Check out my YouTube walkthrough if you haven’t done this before:

20% off any games & systems in stock with promo code “Holiday09”


50% off storewide sale!  Might as well go to the source for vintage gaming & other retro radness since most of us have a Goodwill in our area.

Check the Goodwill Store Locator to verify the sale for your area.

Other Retro Gaming Deals?

Know of any other retro video game sales?  Please comment or e-mail me.  Happy holidays, collecting, and retro gaming!