Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: Store Kioks, Developer Units, My Retro Hunting

Every gamer and collector should train the mother, grandmother, uncle, and third cousin to identify an Atari 2600 “Air Raid” cartridge. With its iconic I-look-like-a-cross-between-a-sand-shovel-and-an-Atari-game look, it’s so easy to identify that anyone should be able to remember it. And when grandma finds it for you at the local thrift store, you’ll be able to forgive her for giving you a dog made of yard on your 7th birthday (True story…minus the sweet Air Raid cart…). That being said, a beautiful blue Air Raid cart just sold on eBay:

AIR RAID VIDEO GAME CARTRIDGE MenAvision FOR ATARI 2600 Sold on eBay by “atomicspacejunk88” for $2850.00 USD on Nov. 23, 2009.

Rare & Uncommon Carts:

Star Fox: Super Weekend – Competition Cart. – SNES

rare nes games 31 in 1, 260 in 1, 80 in 1

Developer Collectible Video Game Stuff:

Rare Playstation 2 PS2 DTL-H10000S Developer Console

RARE Sega Dreamcast orange GDR blank developer media Cool for collectors, but if you’re not a collector, it seems any kid over 14 can pirate Dreamcast games.  Alas the system that almost was…

ULTRA RARE Magnavox Odyssey 2 POWER LORDS PROTOTYPE Fairly uncommon game…so if this is legit, I’d say it’d be worth something to the right person.

Terra Cresta (Nintendo, 1990) NES Promo Version!

In-Store Video Game Kiosks

Nintendo DS Download Station and Store Display

A bunch of store display kiosks by eBay seller “radiac

Nintendo Gameboy Countertop Display – Kiosk-

Nintendo Virtual Boy Store Display – Kiosk Being the proud new owner of Virtual Boy myself, I’m excited to see this sort of Kiosk.  However, based on my initial experience with the 3-D wonders of the V-Boy, I’m actually much more impressed by my Vectrex’s 3-D imager and have no doubts as to why the Virtual Boy died.  That being said, it’s got to be rare to find it as a store display, and I hope this one finds a great home.

Nintendo Full-Size Gameboy Display – Kiosk

Nintendo NESM74CD VCD Store Display

XBOX 360 Store Display Kiosk -Great Condition- XBOX360

Interesting Video Game Collectibles

Lot of 470+ 1989 O-Pee-Chee (O.P.C.) Nintendo Wax Packs  The same eBay seller is selling (50) 1982 Nintendo Donkey Kong Sticker Sets, but they’re a bit pricey.

Nintendo Mario Bros. Sun Shield – Rare – VINTAGE (1989)

vintage 1988 SUPER MARIO BROS 2 t shirt Nintendo NES What’s interesting about this shirt is that it not just your average Mario t-shirt from the 80s. Instead, it both features Super Mario Bros. 2 and the “Super Mario Bros. Club.” I don’t know much about that, but it makes me wonder if this is a fan club tee rather than simply an off the shelf purchase.

PLUSH MARIO & LUIGI 1988 7″ ACME These are downright hilarious!

Vintage 12″ Nintendo MARIO Plush Super Mario Brother The first word that comes to mind is “brawler.”  Yeah, Mario looks like he’s ready to knock loose some teeth.  If Chuck Norris had a toy when he was a kid, this is it.  This would have been right on the shelf next to the Boxing Nun.  After this Mario entered the world, it’s surprising that it took so long for Smash Brothers to be produced…you’d think this would have been inspiration enough to produce it for the original NES.
Vintage 12" Nintendo MARIO Plush Super Mario Brother

My Retro Video Game Hunting / Addition to My Personal Collection

While visiting a retro gaming store called “Game World” in Bloomington, Indiana (Google maps link since they don’t seem to have a website).  First off, the place is super rad.  It’s independently owned, well organized, reasonably priced, and has everything from Collecovision to current gen systems.  The store has been open for under a year and seems to be doing well  Thank you Indiana University (IU) students and community for keeping this place in business!

Among the games I bought there, I picked up a “Docking Bay 20” NES Nintendo game cart storage thingy for $4.99.  Although a million different storage systems were produced for the original 8-bit Nintendo, what makes this one stand out is the sweet roll-top design.   Originally, when I bought it, the roll-top door was separated into two sections.   The slats slide apart if taken off the tracks, so I was able to slip them back together no problem.  It holds 20 games and wins by doing so with style.