Rare Video Games & Collectibles on eBay: StarFox Display & Jacket, Double Dragon Backpack, Dreamcast Broadband

Retro Gaming Collectibles & Promo Items:


Huge Nintendo Starfox Store Display – Very Rare eBay seller “asmadi_will_go_on” explains the origins of the statue as follows:  “This is a huge advertising display that really wasn’t intended for stores but was intended to be displayed in Nintendo corporate offices. Not sure what it is made of – hard plastic, fiberglass, resin? It is rigid and hollow inside. I believe it was produced in 2000 and has no labels or any identifying information on it. I bought it about 9 years ago from someone who used to work at Nintendo. I was told that only 10-20 of these were produced. It is 46” tall, 27” wide elbow to elbow, and 21” deep from tip of his nose to tip of his tail. It weighs approximately 21 lbs. and is attached to a heavy metal base.”

Nintendo Prototype Trophy Figures Zelda Mock Up Rare

Metal Gear Solid banner (2′ x 3′ ) Not sure that this is a licensed product, but it certainly stands out.

Super Star Fox Weekend competition prize flight jacket!

DOUBLE DRAGON VINTAGE BACKPACK BOOK BAG NINTENDO NES For $25.99 USD + s/h (plus 8% off with Bing.com …gotta love that.) this might be a tempting collectible for someone.  Probably best that I didn’t have this as a kid, because I’m pretty sure that I would have been thumping on my buddies on the playground.

Rare Video Games & Accessories:

AIR RAID VIDEO GAME CARTRIDGE MenAvision FOR ATARI 2600 With 1.5 days to go on this auction, it’s already up to $2125.00 USD.  Obviously super rare so this will be an exciting one to watch!

NES Nintendo UNUSED AGCI Game Cartridge and Board eBay seller “lsutter“, who also has a bunch of other cool retro gaming stuff listed, explains that this is an “UNUSED game cartridge and board from American Game Cartridges Inc, a company that sold unlicensed NES games during the NES era! Responsible for such games as Deathrace and Chiller”

KILLZONE Collectors Promotional Kit for PS2 Maybe not the rarest thing on earth, but this is an awesome looking collector’s edition for an equally great game.

Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Japan DC HIT-0401 These are super rare.  Even as a Dreamcast collector, I’m not sure what I’d do with it…connect to a fan server for some Phantasy Star Online?


I’ve got a couple articles I’m working on, so please check back within the week.  As always, I hope you’ll check out the rare retro video games in my eBay store.  However, as I’m currently away on vacation, I’ve “hidden” most of my listings.  There are still a few auctions up that you may be interested in especially if you’re a Commodore 64 collector.  Plus, when my listings all go live again (probably on Monday),  there will be about 100 new items up.   Happy eBaying, vintage game hunting & collecting!