Rare Video Game Collectibles on eBay: Mario Mask, Atari Jaguar Dev Kit, Promo Items

Here’s a bunch of rare and collectible video game stuff that I’m currently watching on eBay.  I love this stuff!

I just put my own eBay store on vacation mode which hides my auctions.  Check back in a week when I’m back to see the new stuff I’ve been listing.  Happy collecting, gaming, and eBaying!


Nintendo Mario Bros Donkey Kong Cereal Animation Cel

Nintendo Mario Bros Donkey Kong Cereal Animation Cel

eBay seller “thethingsifind” always has cool Nintendo stuff up for sale.  Here are a few things I hadn’t seen before.  I’m not sure if the Mario mask is awesome or just creepy.  Check out these items and the rest of the stuff he has listed:

Nintendo Mario Mask Gloves Costume Appearance Rare MINT Yeah, this is probably one of the most disturbing Nintendo collectibles I’ve seen.  Believe it or not, the other photos are even worse.  Honestly, it would have been quite appropriate to title this “decapitated Mario.”  …my girlfriend actually left the room as a result of seeing me post this.  lol

Nintendo Store Sign Game Boy Color Display Rare

Nintendo Employee LOT Button Pen Keyring + MORE Rare

eBay selleer “lsutter” states that he/she has made the “difficult decision to sell off my entire game collection” and has a whole bunch of video game collectible’s up right now.  Here are a few auctions:

Sony Playstation Store Display Sign 24″ x 6″ Seems fair at $29.99 + s/h
Sega Genesis Blockbuster Game Factory BLUE Cart RARE! Rare to see it in the box.
RARE PROMO Nintendo Gamecube Party Lights K-Mart NEW
Nintendo AM/FM Cassette Player w Speakers NEW N64
Mario Kart 64 Telephone BRAND NEW Nintendo Mariokart