Rare Video Game Stuff on eBay: Atari Music Machine, Super Star Fox Weekend Jacket, NES Promotional Rep Items and Other Collectibles

Currently on eBay:

The Music Machine (for Atari 2600) Insanely rare and sealed!

* RARE Nintendo Star Fox Super Weekend Jacket and Pen *

Nintendo World Championship VIP Guest Sticker 1990 Quite yellowed with age, but an interesting find.

The Simpsons Hit & Run Video Game Promotional Ball Cap Pretty cheap and cool looking.  The seller is only asking about $14.00 USD including s/h.

110 in 1 for NES very rare and great games Good ole’ NES multi-carts

You’ve got to see this stuff: eBay seller thethingsifind has an incredible number of auctions up for Nintendo collectibles and promotional items that were given to NES reps. ┬áDefinitely take a look at these if you’re a Nintendo collector. Here are a few examples:

Nintendo Prototype Transparency Package Sample Rare

Nintendo Employee Coffee Mug Pen Lot Rare Original MINT

Nintendo Store Sign Display LOT Pokemon Banjo Rare MINT

This guy has a ton more interesting stuff up.  Check out his other Nintendo video game collectibles here.

Interesting auctions that recently ended on eBay:

Stadium Mud Buggies – rare Intellivision game (Sold on eBay for $310 USD on Oct 25, 2009)

SONY PLAYSTATION 2 Development TOOL PS2 DEV KIT RARE (Sold on eBay for $697 USD on Oct 27, 2009)

1983 Don Bluth Animation Flip Book Dragon’s Lair (Sold on eBay for $13.48 USD on Oct. 26, 2009)