Rare Video Game Hunting: SNES Triax Turbo 360 Controller, Game Boy Colorizer, etc

Rare-Video-Game-Hunting-Flea-Market-Finds-20091025 (1)

Here’s the loot I pulled in from video game hunting at a local flea market the weekend of October 24.  The lot of boxed Atari games was a good find.  Plus, it was great to find a couple copies of Star Wars Battlefront II, some N64 GameSharks, and some great NES games (2x Ice Climbers!).

However, what I’m really excited about here is my new Triax Turbo Touch 360 controller for the SNES Super Nintendo!  This thing is simply hilarious.  Rather than a traditional d-pad, it used a pressure sensitive touch system that was supposed to be able to detect movement anywhere.  Naturally for such an early version of this technology, it was a huge failure.  What’s super ironic here is that Apple not only seems to have borrowed this technology for their iPod click-wheel, but they also seem to have cloned Turbo Touch 360 commercials for their I’m-an-Apple…PC-is-a-lame-o commercials.  Check out this video to see what I mean:

By the way, this Turbo Touch 360 is going into my collection.  They’re pretty cheap to pick up on eBay…or here are some Triax Turbo Touch 360 Super Nintendo SNES Controllers on Amazon starting at $9.00 USD.  Nothing like owning a little piece of retro Super Nintendo history. 🙂

Brainboy-Colorizer-Game-BoyAlso of interest is a “Brainboy Colorizer” by Pelican.  Apparently this rad little piece of plastic is supposed to add color to black & white games as well has having the ability to back up the saves of your favorite Game Boy games!  I love finding weird little accessories like this…plus I’m always amazed that after 15 years of sitting in someone’s garage or attic that I can bring them home and get them to work first try.


As always, if you see something you’re interested in from my retro video game treasure hunting, feel free to check out my eBay store as most of it has been listed there.  Happy retro gaming, collecting, and eBaying!